343 fix your game.

I just played a game of grifball where the other team was just spawn camping my team non stop. Naturally I quit because I would rather play the game instead of being farmed. I quit just this one time (mind you I never quit ever.) Then I get a ban hammer for repeated quitting?? You guys will let people spawn camp and play unfairly and unsportsmanlike In the game but a single quit bans me? Fix your banhammer because it certainly doesn’t work. As for betrayels it only works when you accidently kill your team but never when they are purposely killing you. Just fix the Damm banhammer. Or take it off altogether because it would probably work better not existing.

Hi OP, we have a thread pinned in the Halo 5 forms for help and discussion around matchmaking bans. Have a read over the first post and make a reply there if necessary.