343: Fire your sound designers PLEASE

A. The sound effects are GREAT

B. The music is GREAT

C. The sound and music implementation is CRAP!!!

D. There is NO OPTION to adjust the volume of sound effects, music, voice, and the master volume. FAIL

I listened to the soundtrack of this game before it even came out and was so hyped because obviously if the music is epic…so must be the game.

Boy, was I wrong. As it turns out, the music seemed to have been completely written and created OUTSIDE of the actual game development. Neil Davidge’s work was written by itself and was not written for cutscenes or gameplay scenarios in the game.

Oh, and the volume of the music is so LOW. I can’t even hear it in most scenes. I felt like there really was no soundtrack at times. The only time I could hear it was when all the shooting stopped and I hid in a corner.

Did you even know that the soundtrack has a volume 2? I didn’t even recognize most of the songs on it. But when I played through the game and tried to get into a spot where there was as little noise as possible…YEP, then I heard it. The epic music of this game was like a faint whisper in the game.

Seriously, WHO decided that was a good idea? Do you just not like music in video games?

Can you recognize which part of the game this song was from?

It is epic music and I bet you don’t even remember hearing it. PROBABLY because you didn’t hear. WHY didn’t you hear it? Because the sound design in this game is AMATEUR at best.

I don’t have this problem. I have a surround sound system and I can hear everything easily.

By the way that YouTube song is from the level Forerunner.

And lastly your poll is biased.

No Halo game lets you mess with the audio. But I agree, THE SOUND IS TOO LOW!!! The other games at least have the music blasting away as you enter firefights and while you take in the scenery. Halo 4 is probably the quietest Halo when it comes to the music.

I’ve been wanting 3 simple volume sliders for Halo since forever:

  1. Music level
  2. Effects level
  3. Dialogue level

They really need to have this sorted with sliders. I’ve played various campaigns and multiplayer of Halo and always wanted to change things up in these 3 sliders. Often I’m doing a play through for cut scenes or dialogue or just fire fighting and shooting random surfaces because so much effort goes into the game audio.

They just need these sliders to enable gamers to fully enjoy the audio quality that is produced. I agree Halo 4 had poor audio mixing in terms of the music level in the background. That was my big audio gripe.

I love the OST & OST2 though. I love the UNSC audio but the Covie audio on weapons is a little weird for me.

Biased polls get locked.

Feel free to recreate the thread with fairer poll options. I’d recommend taking some time to calm down first, though; you sound a little heated, and – no disrespect intended – it’s not helping you make your point. :\