343 Finally did something right

Finally, after many Halo games, we have the ability to shoot ourselves in the foot until we die.

Yep, thats right. Before it could only be done with the needler and heavy weapons, but now, thanks to 343’s innovation, a player may now shoot themselves in the foot with any weapon they want until desired level of pain has been achieved.

This absolutely changes the game. No longer will my enemies cower before my might, they now have the option to shoot themselves to death with their gun of choice as I laugh manically.

Imagine it, my team, 3 flag caps in. We’re running out the timer, as the other team begs us to cap it. “Only if you all shoot yourself in the foot” I say, and then I get my jollies.


If this is true, reverting back two checkpoints in the campaign just got a lot easier. The grenades are so bouncy, they are less reliable for this task. Suiciding with the sticky detonator guarantees a revert but that’s not on every level.

This is great -Yoinking!- news!!