343 failed sandbox


Im so tired of people hating on halo infinite…
Its a great esport game and the game might not be the problem.
BUT!! (Maybe the biggest BUT)
Is really Halo made for esport? And is Halo Infinite really Halo?

I have played halo since Halo CE, I love the Halo franchise, I have played Halo on pro levels in Halo 3 and Halo 5. Im a 5 star general in Halo 3 and have been a top player in Halo 5, even if I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Halo 5 mecanics aswell.
I dont care if im good at the game, playing it esport…
Thats not what makes Halo… Halo.

I dont care about the haters telling me… (oh ur another H3/H2 fan or OG)
343 have failed the Halo universe… they have been focusin way to much on the pros playing esport instead of the community wanting to have fun in the game woth friends, Halo is known for having great split screen with friends etc.
I have been tellin the forum this all the time!
Like I say the game Halo 5 and Halo Infinite is good games… But not what the community and people need!

We need this games to be Halo!
Halo isn’t sprint, jetpack, abilities or whatever they wanna add to the game… the best in all games is not always fast pace sprint and slide!
Every game nowadays is sprint and slide , and every game realising to early is keepin their playerbase for 1 month copying what the hype is right now.

Halo need to understand what the movement does to a game… We dont wanna be apex or cod, we are Halo and what Halo does good is, tactical slow plays… teamwork and sandbox, Halo Infinte got got nothing of these and thats why they loose players everyday.
Halo Infinite does not even feels rewarding playing due to its lack of progress system, (this system is way more important than you think, this is what makes people stick with an game).!

And people might say go play Halo Master Chief Collection to me in the comments, or maybe not comment at all cuz noone is listening, maybe I will, play MCC instead because that is Halo in that scale we can experience Halo…

But i want this awesome game to evolve to something bigger everytime and keep Halo being Halo.
And to become bigger is not always to evolve the game to something else then Halo.

Learn from your biggest fans having fun playing Halo with their friends not from your fans sweating and wanna make a profit and living from this.

I got so many things, thoughts and bad decisions 343 taking with Halo Infinte right now to talk about but just the fact that they release a beta like every undone game does right now tells it all… its all about money not about the fans at all.
When the beta is “over” the game already lost its population.
To keep a game in date 2022 u need to be constantly updating with content, and by that said the conent might not need to be the most advanced content, just the right for the Halo fans.
The thing about releasing a beta and fixing the game is wrong and thats why the games fail nowadays.

Learn from Grand Theft Auto, every release we do get from them is surprising, a new game but Grand Theft Auto is always Grand Theft Auto, they got the same mecanics as before but does ugrade it matching what we expect from an modern game, the might not add the teleport or blink 10 yards and they do sucess anyways… is it weird keepin your game unique and yours for 30 years? NO!
Be more simple.

Im ready to wait 10 plus years for the next Halo, just give me Halo

/Jolley34 a gamertag str8 from xbox original

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