343, exactly how much of your work did you outsource to people who have never even heard of Halo?

Title says it all. I’m genuinely curious because it would explain so much about why this game is still so busted and content barren.


wasn’t it said somewhere that a good chunk of 343’s employees are just… non halo fans or folk who havn’t played halo? i think it was an interview for H4, but it was to ‘bring out their creativity’ or something like that…
so if that is the case, i’d imagine most of the outsourced folk probably are:
not fans of halo
don’t know what halo is
or are just bad devs


The people that they outsource know what Halo is supposed to be like more than them honestly.

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As far as content being created, yes, but it has nothing to do with the most asinine decision ever to turn Halo into a “live service”/ cash shop/ BP padded playtime waste of time and resources.

Whether they know anything about Halo I think is irrelevant. The issue is the people they have hired either are incompetent, the brass are incompetent, or the game was released too soon. In 25 years of gaming, I’ve never seen so many problems in a video game that shouldn’t be there. The Desyncing, lag, and disconnection issues are the worst I’ve ever experienced in all of my gaming years, especially on PC.

It’s truly remarkable in a sad negative way.


Finish the campaign and watch the 20+ minutes of credits to see how many staff were outsourced across many companies. It’s actually quite shocking how many staff were employed in the development and production cycle of this game, and it’s safe to say that there is literally a skeleton staff in comparison left to support this “live service”.


That $500M had to go somewhere. It would appear that softmicro outsourced allover the world so we have men from dozens of different languages working on this one singular game. No wonder why its a complete bowl of spaghetti with its code

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The thing here is even if Halo became a live service with a cashshop, it wouldn’t have mattered much if the core gameplay was good, the game ran smoothly and was stable, and we are getting content on time. I could almost forgive Halo Infinite’s garbage customization system if everything else worked fine, but it doesn’t.

Here’s everything 343 is just not delivering at a bare minimum, not expected features, but bare minimum features:

  • Stable gameplay not being delivered thanks to desync and poor matching due to not having the choice to match based on region.
  • Content drought for a game with already basic-af gameplay.
  • Crashes STILL happen for PC users and a small minority of Xbone and series X users.
  • Utter lack of optimization for PC users
  • We were promised a good counter to cheaters but their “Arbiter” system just fails to combat jack all. (Way to insult the Arbiter’s name like that as well)

Like cmon. This level of shoddy is just unacceptable for a AAA studio. If all these were fixed and we were getting maps and features at a good pace, then we can talk about earning money through a cash shop. But if you can’t even deliver this, people are gonna leave because there is no point spending money on a game which isn’t even playable!


I know that at the very least, the Watchdog reward think tank, was farmed out to a colony of Pangolin’s, the ones that Randy Marsh used to know pretty well I imagine.

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As someone who is the COO of a company and works with a programming team in India of 42 people, trust me when I tell you outsourcing is awful awful awful.

Essentially this is the process. First, you have the basic elementary programming work sent to India. They get that done. Then, it comes back to the U.S. and the mistakes, bugs, and the next more complex programming is done by American programmers.

Rinse and repeat. Sadly, Indian programmers in general…not all, but the ones we work with are rarely competitent enough to do complex programming. The schools over there are just not good enough. So, we get 40+ to do the long easy tedius work and our 10 man American team fixes their mistakes and complete the more complex programming.

This is probably why Halo Infinite blows. Too much outsourced and not enough ensourced.


Don’t forget they hired a lot of temp workers on 18 month contracts, over the six year development cycle it means they had four development teams working on one game, plus all the out sourced materials. It’s no wonder this game is all over the place.

The Halo development team should be independent from 343i, yes they will primarily answer to 343i but they won’t have to deal with all the other stuff 343i are focusing on like books, comics and TV series, just focus on the game and nothing more.