343, Don't turn into the next EA or Activision

Okay first of all it’s become obvious that the ability to purchase REQ packs with IRL moolah hasn’t been high up of everyone’s hate list at the moment and I’m pretty sure 343 have become very aware of this. I appreciate that the developers are only human and they like money as much as the next person, but if they start to release ‘Heretic exclusive weapon camos and armour’ or something like that, and the only way to acquire this is through real money, I - as well as a lot of people - will start to not like Halo because that’s a slippery slope for fans any day of the week.

So please 343, please don’t be -Yoink-, I’ll pay for DLC happily, just don’t get carried away with in-game purchases.

Much love,

A seasoned Halo player.

Nah, ea and activision are publisher. Microsoft is 343s publisher and probably are in control over the $$$ model used in the game. So get mad at Microsoft if anything. But they’ve already stated that all dlc will be free including all req cards and maps… They will continue with the model they have in place that promotes lazy and impatient players to spend cash on items you can earn in game.

343 is doing free dlc
If they sold us playlist and parts of the game for $20 along with selling us maps then theyed be like activision
If they made us log on to waypoint and sold us season passes, and the game was glitchy then theyd be ea
If they sold us an incomplete mess that we had to buy over and over then theyd be current bungie
343 is doing the right thing.

Mictotransactions doesn’t necessarily ruin any game, if it’s P2W, yes it does.

Warframe models this correctly: You DON’T need to buy a single item, since it’s all obtainable in-game unless you want an exclusive cosmetic skin.

Other than that, for them to become the next, “Who wants to be a greedy publisher” they’d need to make all DLC cost $20 each, add 4 maps, and have a Season Pass that hands out an exclusive goody.

So they’re free for now.

I doubt a developer is going to turn into a publisher. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beside… 343 ismore the level of Gearbox. Quality wise^^

You ever played World of Tanks?
I’m into that FREE TO PLAY game for a thousand bucks right now.
343 is doing OK. You don’t have to buy req packs unless your lazy.

So, don’t turn into a Publisher?