343, Don't mess up the New Character

What I mean by this, learn from how Bungie created the Chief. All his emotions are expressed without a face. Behind a helmet, we still understand him, to an extent.

Don’t do another Palmer. A somewhat stereotypical female soldier who tries to hard to be gun-ho to make her seem just as good or better than the guys.

Give us another character who’s emotions are expressed without a face, but make us learn another body language, make him distinct enough from the chief that we have to learn his motives and emotions as we go, but not so distinct that they are unfamiliar or cliched.

Don’t give us an easy to read character like Palmer. Even Reach’s “cast” could be hard to read with a helmet off, but Bungie managed to establish a way to teach us their individual views and do it at a manageable pace. And it was a somewhat ingenious way.

They mostly developed a character the most towards their death, and in order of their death.

First we got Jorge. we quickly find out he does’t have a real problem with you, he is someone who holds Halsey in very high regards, even for a spartan-II. At his death, we have grown to like him alot.

Then Kat. With Kat, we get a frosty demeanor who clearly dislikes you somewhat for being the replacement. But she begins to respect you as the game goes on. You also find out she has a sense of humor, to an extent. And right when you finally gain her respect, they kill her off.

Next is Carter. But he is a little different. we actually get a more developed character from the get go with him. He’s quick to nullify any dispute before they grow out of hand, He has a he is hit hard when a member of the group is lost, and makes sure that the job gets done. We see he that he doesn’t really “fear” Halsey, nor hate her. He is developed more gradually so we respect him more by the time he dies

Emile. What can you say about Emile? He also has a sense of humor, though it has bad taste often, he always sounds angry, and clearly has a greater grudge with the covenant the rest of noble team. He never really gives an opinion on you, and like the chief, all his emotion comes from his body language and speech. In the end, you know he perhaps respects Carter the most, and clearly gets hit hard by his death, and goes of the deep end, he loses any form comedic speech. And just hammer in your the last Noble team member on Reach, he in the only, his body is the only one you see up close.

maybe I’m over reading, but my point is, don’t ruin the new guy 343

I’m sure that this character is one of the first priorities in character development building in 343. They even put him on top of Chief, It’s pretty balsy but atleast they have confidence.

I mean they did great in Halo 4 with Cortana and Chief. Did also good to their new characters Laskky, Del Rio, Didact and Roland.

And about Reach,
Gah! How I wish that Halo campaigns were 11-15 hours worth of gametime. I wanna know what’s up with Emile, why he’s all salty and stuff, I wanna know what’s Kat’s realtionship to Tom before he died. I wanna know how Carter feels about the rest of the squad. All of them were interesting enough given how little dialogue they had and the whole team only appeared in 2 missions total.