343 don't forget the Warthog colors in Halo 4

after seeing longbow gameplay I have to admit that Halo 4’s Warthog is amazing and for the first time in Halo it looks completely redesigned just like the official concept 343 gave to Turn 10 and they put it in Forza 4 last year (Video)

however if you noticed that there are 2 more colors one is Ice-alike and the other is sand-alike and they look way better than the typical green one

I wish that 343 haven’t forgot this as well as the mongose colors from Reach … the Warthog will be more amazing with those colors

I agree, we should be able to customise warthog skins in the ‘item properties’ in forge just like mongooses (mongeese, mongi, mongae?) in Halo Reach forge.

This also hints that there’ll probably be a snowy map (Longbow) and a desert map, which is not confirmed yet.

I feel like this will return. It was really a cool feature from Reach. I wonder what 343i could do to expand on this idea?

not to mention that Bungie did it on the map Avalanche in Halo 3 where the Hogs and Scorpions and mongoses were Ice-Skinned