343, don't forget the 'old stuff'

It’s nearly been three months, some of us have given feedback from the start and every day since.

The things we mentioned three months ago were important and then we’ve mentioned more and more of the things we’ve found along the way since.

Just because we’re finding less (but still lots) new things to complain about now, doesn’t mean any of the old issues are fixed or any less important, we just think we’ve already said that so you know so we won’t say it again.

Please don’t forget the old stuff, if the threads reduce its because it’s already been said not that it doesn’t need saying.

Another thing - some of us have also submitted tickets, we’ll often get a standard reply then a few weeks later we get another email that says something like “we’ve done an update that did not fix your issue, please let us know if it didn’t fix your issue so we can keep your issue open or we will close it”

Now, I realise this may be a way of reducing tickets for free, but most things don’t fix themselves and most people wont be bothered to reply and more things will go missed. The “we’ve done an update that did not fix your issue,” bit kind of answers that.