343 don't forget about forge

I don’t know about you but I not really sure that 343 will do that much to make halo forge as good as it is. Frank o conor may of said that beaver creek would have an intresting pallette of forge objects but I hope it’s not just another boardwalk forge situation. As for halo 4 they don’t have that much experince making a map editor or map creator :wink: and maps to forge on just look at the difiant map pack. Now I know you’re probally thinking you can’t judge them by one map pack that some consider to be a not so good game but that is all have to run by. And i’m not saying that they are going to fail but i’m not sure that they will do as good. Please correct me on informational errors.

Hey noobtube, what’re you smoking? The highlands forge palette was updated recently, but the update was a special update for those who pre-ordered CEA. It has been taken down again and I doubt many people realised as it was announced through bnet. I got it but a day later it disappeared. It had new pieces like: Tree, Crashed Hog/Falcon/Scorpion, dead bodies etc.
It was a one day offer for customs.

Lol jking. But rumor has it the maps will be on a giant forge world. :smiley: or mebbe just a good forge palette.

Those are things I want.


never mind didn’t read all of it

Im hoping Halo 4 forge will have alot more than what Reach had. Iwas happy with forge world and everything but it be sweet if the skins for the all the objects could be differnt. Weather would be one id like the most. Have it set say for rain sun and snow. Night and day would be nice as well

For me, its simple pieces that would save the expense of your forge budget - like a panel with a doorway built in already, and, as well as a curved wall- a curved window piece; longer tunnel segments and maybe even a low gravity field…saves all that mucking about with chambers filled with grav lifts.

On top of that- trees, man… and grassy knolls! What’s wrong with being able to have a few more ‘natural’ objects than just large rocks?..