343 doesn't understand Halo

In the interview that showcased the roadmap and discussed it something caught my attention. In the interview Sean goes off claiming that Halo is highly competitive and that’s “part of our DNA”

This just further proves to me that 343 either doesn’t understand Halo’s core identity or doesn’t care. Halo’s identity has always been a fun social game you could hop in with friends and just have fun without the need to get sweaty.

Why is 343 so obsessed with turning Halo into a competitive shooter?


Competitive has actually been apart of the franchise since the XBox Connect days of Halo 1 and Halo 2 actually. So there is actually truth to it. Just because you don’t take interest in that part of the game, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…


Competitive has always come after fun. 343 seems to put competitive first with fun being an after thought.


I lensflared at that part especially, and I really, really hope they listen to the community sentiment on that, because the “comptetitiveness” of Halo is something they’ve always misunderstood.

“Competitive” Halo emerged from people gaining mastery over Social Halo, not the other way around. It’s not supposed to be a competitive game on its own, and it’s clear that we either haven’t been loud enough about that or they completely misread the room.

A game is always supposed to be fun, first and foremost. This lack of understanding is concerning at minimum considering how long they’ve been doing this.


It’s been a part of Halo but it was an afterthought in the Bungie Halos. Bungie Halos were made to be about social craziness. The competitive scene came after.

343 just doesn’t understand the importance of the social craziness to Halo. The result is that Halo Infinite is the most anti-social Halo yet and it is failing because of it.


I wouldn’t call it an afterthought. I do remember them claiming that competitive was an important part of Halo during both Halo 2 and 3’s development.

It may not be the main part, but it is still a very important part to them regardless.


Exactly, competitive isn’t the main focus of Halo yet 343 has it backwards and seems to prioritize competitive over fun to a substantial degree.


Seems about the same to me… How are they prioritizing competitive over fun?

The tournament scene being broadcasted on twitch with loot drops or something? That’s honestly not a big deal unless you want the drops…

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Heavily restrictive SBMM, map designs that seem far too safe (needs more vehicles in arena maps), the shift from 5v5 to 4v4 in social, the lack of neutral equipment (Though they are adding in the shroud screen), the inclusion of movement mechanics instead of relying on sandbox elements (Sprint, slide, clamber), the way vehicles spawn (RNG and not present immediately)

It really does feel like 343 built the game as a competitive shooter first. When I played Infinite I immediately went back to play Halo 3 and it was a night and day difference.


Yeah it’s a sad thing. :frowning:


Maps feel fine to me, they’re all original maps but I see no problem with them. The 4 vs 4 format is probably the biggest reason the smaller maps might feel more serious but I feel the maps themselves are fine.

player count maybe, can’t speak on that one. Skill importance does get become more important the less players you have in a game. But on the flipside, BTB now does more then the 16 player BTB, so in this situation there’s actually more players to rely on and less requirement to play super well and efficently.

Movement mechanics was actually a bungie thing, since they were the ones that introduced them. Competitive players try to avoid clamber when possible as it slows them down. They generally disable auto-clamber. You gotta take this issue up with Bungie, not 343i.

RNG vehicle spawning is definitely not a competitive thing. Competitive absolutely hate RNG elements in competitive as much as they can and generally want them removed. This way it’s more focuses on actual skill and not luck to win a match. This is why in Super Smash Bros they always turn items off, because it’s an luck element and take away from skill.

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100% agreed. Halo 5 brought in this “going back to what made halo MP great” phase where they made it about a battle to get power weapons, etc. They got so tied up with making it into an E-Sports title, and catering to the Tournament creators.

No pre-game lobby, no post-game lobby,. The reasons they tout to justify it are unconstructive.
Their entire logic & reasoning is unconstructive.
They really should wake up and have a taste of their own medicine. They work on updates and features without any executive summary report, they prioritize things that have been shown to not cater to any known audience.
343 simply is not constructive at the slightest. They themselves have become toxic by being a yes man to Microsoft and anti-workhorse culture where they won’t work 1 minute past 5pm.
Zero passion. Zero constructive work ethic.

It feels like a game designed by Robots.


So dry…

So bland…

So sterile…


This is more likely due to gaming communities starting to no want to deal with one another in now-a-day practices. Where most games disable communications by default and most people don’t take or communicate at all in games. You’ll get like one or two people every now and then speak, but for the most part people just stopped tolerating other people in matches.

The whole gaming landscape has significantly changed over the last 10-15 years and this is just part of what changed in lots of games.

I miss talking to other players… People back in the days of quake would help each other out get better at the game. Not to mention the advantages of communication can bring on the battle field.

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So many hexagon columns.


Checking back on the video and the comments are filled with this exact sentiment. Halo needs to return to it’s roots and prioritizing fun over competitive.

Also that like to dislike ratio…


Halo has two very distinct reasons for success in the past.

  1. It was a great competitive shooter
  2. It was a social game, where you could go in to social playlists with some mates and play, have a laugh.

343 do not, and I don’t think ever have understood reason 2. They are not the right people to take the franchise forward, they don’t understand why it was successful, at a fundamental level.

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sweaty competitive shooter with cute accessories because we think that’s fun and social

Ffffffff that.


343’boomers when it comes to gaming trends.

Esports competition revenue only work with games with a strong competitive foundation, and those games RARELY change their games’ basic formula.
(LoL, DotA, Starcraft)

Modern money making games focus on fun and social, with cosmetics to make the fun and social more appealing for people looking in, so it entices them to join in the fun. (Fortnite)

What 343 has done over the years during their stewardship is snub both sides of the equation:

  • mix up gameplay for no other reason than because it’s new
  • add MTX that makes the game less serious than it looks
  • loop back around and enforce strict SBMM so that people here just for a good time have to sweat

Result : Infinite.


He did start at the franchise late as he said so yeah he definitely doesnt get it but he sure is apart of the downfall of halo. Halo 3 was its peak and its been downhill ever since. So im sure he does feel that way. Proof is in the pudding. Homie is wrong. But its not surprising. Everything 343 does is so off. Its sort of on for them to be off.

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