343 doesn‘t know halo

Just beat my heroic game and I have mixed feelings.

-gameplay is solid with some minor bugs
-sound is excellent especially the music
-the open world is fresh for halo akin to farcry

Where I struggle is the story. 343 in my humble opinion doesn’t know halo. They can’t figure out what story to tell.

Think of it this way. Halo 5 almost killed the franchise and I would say it was akin to Star Wars the last Jedi where it was polarizing and in infinite it’s the rise of skywalker trying to walk back their mistakes which detracts from telling a better story. Aside from chief the characters are hit and miss, The villain is generic and forgettable, Cortana is just gone after 20 years, huge mistake imo. The weapon is quipy with most of her dialogue being cheesy. It’s not a bad game but at this point is it really halo? The unsc and other Spartans are useless and disgraced and just fall apart without chief.

Lastly, there’s this need to humanize chief to beat him down and show everyone that he’s no savior or war hero. He’s just an emotionally comprised person because you know, feelings. We have to talk about our feelings.
You know why the doom games work? It’s because it’s non stop action. Doom guy is essentially chief, a silent and grizzled warrior who doesn’t need to talk about his feelings. It’s like if doom guy stopped from killing a demon to ask that demon for forgiveness for being a emotionally compromised individual and they just talk about their feelings.

That aside I did like the game but still seemed bland and forgettable


What’s wrong with showing how he feels? He’s a Human like everyone else. Even in the books are some places where you can read about his feelings.

This isn’t Doom. The Halo Universe is huge. Showing the Chief emotional makes him even stronger. He fight against all this as a Human not as a supersoldier that knows only war…


Joseph Staten was the lead writer, he’s trying his best to write themselves out of the Hole 343i previously dug him into, cut him a little slack, it’s impossible to tell a good story if halo 5 takes place before it.

They literally stole the twist Bungie hinted at with the Forerunners not being ancient humans but actually enemies of the ancient humans which 343 doubled down on but no one seemed to like. So now they’re trying it again but now it’s these new aliens who were the Forerunners real enemy. Give me a break with this there’s always a bigger fish nonsense. Not everything has to be as epic and intertwined as Star Wars. It can be a more grounded universe without 10,000 or 100,000 aliens coming back to life all the time now to wage wars that the humans in the Halo universe could clearly care less about but feel obligated to stop the destruction of all sentient life. THAT WAS ENOUGH MOTIVATION IN THE FIRST 3 GAMES! I don’t need some wild plot twist that subverts what I knew and understood about the universe this game series presents to me. Just saving the galaxy is enough sometimes.

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Are you forgetting that Infinite is trying to meld two generations of players together. 343 is trying to set a balance between keeping the last 20 years relevant for the veteran players and creating a new starting point, akin to what we had in CE, for the newer generation.

Yes, they are wrapping up what happened in 4 and 5, which if it wasn’t for the fact that they had to scrap 2/3 of the campaign they initially planned to have would have likely been more significant. Personally, as someone who has been a part of the Halo community for almost that full 20 years, I’m proud of what they’ve done. It does need alot of work going forward, but 343 has finally made a very solid base from which to start like Bungie did with CE in the past.

And with Joe Staten on the team, the argument of “343 doesn’t know Halo” is false. He helped write and create most of the original games, and several books. There are few people equally or better qualified to help lead Halo.

Don’t forget all the people that worked on the game before Joe joined the project don’t work there anymore but all their contributions are locked into the story, plot and gameplay because no one that works at 343i now knows how to make the game work.

My gripe is just the unoriginal twist on a plot point already used.

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If you think the Endless are gonna be bad, wait until you find out about the Paraversals from an alternate parallel universe. Halo 7 coming 2035.

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Played Halo for over 15 years and I’m appalled at what they done. The universe is interesting isn’t it

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