343 does it again

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Got lagged out of Gravemind LASO during the very last room. so sick of 343’s garbage. why are you making playlist updates when your servers cant even handle a 2 player mission? This is my 4th post about this issue. I hope you get cancer.

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It’s not like were playing a 32v32 game. were playing a halo 2 mission. the games 15 years old. you cant even keep us connected for more than 3 hours? why do i even try? you dont address anything ever. but im gload you guys have been working on the playlist that nobody cares about. i actually feel betrayed and downright stupid for putting any amount of faith in you.

Constantly happens to me, ever since your May 1st update I cant be on a single mission for more than an hour and a half without random drop outs past that point with no indication its going to happen. 3 hours on laso on the hardest halo mission ever created and 343 says forget you. Fix your game and stop worrying about multiplayer playlists that only one person a month asks for. I’ve been a Halo die hard since the original Combat Evolved dropped and had to split screen or system link to enjoy multiplayer without drop out. Makes true fans hate you. Do the right thing and apologize to Bungie for destroying their work.