*343*: Do you want pics & vids of bugs?

Anyone can claim they’re having 30 min search times right? Especially after you claim search times have been reduced to “15 seconds”

What if I uploaded vids/pics of all the bugs I’ve been experiencing? Would that help you see that the updates are actually making it worse?

TurtleRock Studios asked players to report any bugs during their Evolve Big Alpha and we did and it helped them tremendously.

If not, let me know so I don’t waste my time thinking you do.

The kore detailed reports 343 can get, the better. If you have screenshots, videos or better yet steps to accurately (or near accurately) reproduce the error, that would be the best thing to post. If someone already has a thread with the issue you are having it can sometimes be better to post in there, work with the OP and others to find a common cause or common solution. You could then get the OP to update the initial post / thread title with details :slight_smile:

Of course more detailed bug reports are wanted in any situation OP.

Making the customers do Q&A testing. Just 343i things.