343 did you watch war of the worlds

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So the trailer booted up and i began to watch Halo 5 and my first thought was, if thats chief under that hood thats limited. A billion doller suit created for any conditions and he is wearing a hood humm ok. I then noticed how incredibly simular it was to the start of war of the worlds as the robot thing that looks like a pkemon came out of the ground and wounderd did they happen to watch the film before making the game.

  1. He’s wearing the cloak because he’s in hiding and needs to mask his appearance. He sticks out like a sore thumb otherwise.

  2. As for the War of the Worlds comparison, I thought the same thing.

So is the Reclaimer trilogy similar to War of the worlds like the first trilogy was similar to Aliens?

Things are buried in the ark. Underneath the sand.