343 Did you forget you have BTB (no new Game modes)

You know what is sad I go on twitter and see 343 engage with Pro and Rank players and then I see them Engage with Youtube content creators but when I see a tweet from someone with only 100 followers nothing.

I heard Kong Slayer coming (with just fusion coils), hopefully it comes to BTB, that would be hilarious.

It went on for a while with BTB not even working properly, while it took time, maybe it caused delay in more BTB modes coming, it needs some loving and some Big Team Heavies :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe it isn’t sarcasm.
I just assumed we would be getting 10 years of support for this game.
Maybe 343i meant they were gonna stretch a normal games worth of content over 10 years?

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This is one of the issues with the way this game was designed. In previous games, the multiplayer suite was all integrated. There wasn’t a special status for BTB. BTB used the same game modes but with more players. Now BTB is split off from the rest, designed to have its own version of modes such as CTF.

If BTB had been integrated into the rest of the multiplayer suite, it would have been able to take advantage of these arena game modes. It would have created even more content for the game. 343’s job would have been easier.

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It is a matter of population importance as well.

Does Arena or BTB have more players?
Which additions should come first to appease the majority of the masses?

The engine is difficult to develop for. That why everything is so slow, and probably why CA went with the unreal engine rather then slipspace.