343 Did you forget you have BTB (no new Game modes)

No long rant it is this simple

6 months the game been out we started with 3 maps 4 Game modes

June is here and we have 4 maps and still only 4 game modes.

BTB is the best part of multiplayer, and it has gotten nothing no King of the Hill, No One flag, No Neutral flag no Land grab. No A.I. Confirm nothing.

Right now, in Arena there is about 24 game modes and game variants with more coming like Juggernaut and VIP but are we going to get a BTB version of these.

We need more game modes in BTB PLEASE!


Also, you can’t see you lobby members in your squad.
People still dislike the vehicle drop off, we’ve disliked it since the flights.
I can understand having them after the initial start but we should have the full vehicle arsenal at the start. I miss the controlled chaos Halo use to have.


Agree, BTB needs some mode like Fiesta and Heavies

Heck I would love a Tactical BTB but not slayer Tactical CTF, or tactical Land grab something anything. O.G. Style King of the Hill in BTB would be amazing

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If i remember it right, there was a one Flag mode for BTB in halo 5. Loved this mode.
You could only get the Flag if you worked together.

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Tactical BTB sounds both amazing and painful. I’d play it, especially if it counts for tac slayer challenges.

It’s so weird we have no Territories when Landgrab is basically that.

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Not much content for BTBs, but am I suddenly the only person realising that there should be another category like 7v7s or 6v6s whichever works best for arena game modes? Even Total control?

There just needs to be something in between and I bet a lot of people feel the same way.

What’s the point of drip-feeding content when there is barely anything in this game?

I’m lost on what 343 thinks this is actually doing other then plyers losing interest in wanting to play. I can play any other game right now even a new game and it will have triple the content 343 has had to offer. Or playlist that when you look at the other Halo’s, there really isn’t much in Infinite at all.

I mean do they even have co-op added yet?
Where is the forge world?
Infection, etc…?

Seriously, what is going on here?

I think it’s crazy BTB hasn’t really seen much besides balance tweaks since launch.

It’s the only playlist I consistently get a good ping in, which makes me think it’s the most populated playlist. Even 4v4 Team Slayer, which has basically always had a decent population in previous games, is only giving me good ping matches like 1/3rd of the time

Me 20 years ago: omg imagine how Halo is going to be in the future with like 20 vs 20 team battles in huge maps!

343i: Best I can do is 4 vs 4. Okay, I’ll also give you 12 vs 12 but only 4 maps and 3 of them will be lame.

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Just heard news more new game modes are coming Team doubles and guess what nothing about new Game modes in BTB to arrive this is such a shame that 343 continues to forget about BTB

Didn’t you hear? Infinite was planned to last 10 years.
So in 10 years we will have everything we wanted. How silly of us to assume that we were going to get a content complete game that just keeps on giving.

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This is not a post for sarcasm and negativity, and you wonder why 343 do not listen to some people there is constructive criticism which I am trying to do and just plain rude.

I love the game right now the flow the way it plays in my opinion the best shooter out right now and yes, I went and played most of the others. and I play Halo Infinite daily and not bored but it is lacking fundamental things besides our Spartan records for progression BTB game modes are sorely lacking.

The game has content 8 maps in Arena and over 25 game modes and game variants in Arena and it is not about what you feel is good or suck there are about 25 game modes and game variants but not one new game mode has come to BTB and that is the issue ad what this post is about.

Ok, sorry dad. I’ll try to be more serious.

I hope the Activision deal goes through and gives 343 like 5 support studios. I feel like the team making new sandbox content is like 3 people with a roll of duct tape

Totally agree with this post. 4v4 always seems to get all the love. They have more maps, modes, challenges, events…etc.

I mainly play BTB. Halo to me is way more fun to play in big teams. I do play some 4v4 but mainly when there is an event associated with it. A lot of the 4v4 modes would definitely work in BTB because it has in the past. Plus, please add more challenges that are just BTB related. An event thats BTB related would also be welcome.

Come on 343. Show BTB some love.

Nobody is arguing there are a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed and one or two fixes will not be enough but I strongly feel 2 thingsd would go along way with the casual gamer

  1. BTB love 2 more maps making it 6 maps in total (4 in a perfect world) and four more game modes in BTB King of the Hill, One flag, Neutral flag, VIP, and I will keep saying this A.I. Confirm

  2. Go to Halo STAT Tracker and move that into the game giving us not just our service record and rank it gives us a progression system and a reason to keep playing the game once all weekly challenges are complete and the daily points drop to 50 per game. The Halo Stat tracking is simple 30 ranks 5 levels and 11 tours. After you complete a level you earn an attachment or something and Battlepass folks gets a level up and once you complete a tour you unlock a new armor. Not a developer but been told adding it to the game from the website is not hard because it is Infinites API it is using. ( the reason why it tracks your in game progression in real time) Down the line they can add points to medals also giving the medals a use besides looking pretty.

Once again these two things does not fix the game but I feel it will go a long way more than bringing back skill jumps for pro and rank players or re adding a cannon glitch in the game.

Yeah, obviously I don’t know what’s going on, but from our perspective it seems like a pretty large understaffing problem. On top of, frankly, poor performance with what does get produced. (I’m thinking specifically of the visor/mohawk positioning, the vast A/V bugs and glitches that got introduced with season 2, the new weapon jamb bug, and their respective slow fixes)

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To be more on topic, I have no doubt that there will be a full season featuring BTB. I imagine that is when we’ll finally get heavies. Hopefully it will be season 3 or 4, but I doubt it.