343 did you even think when you made the fiesta challenge?

Fiesta is about fun and fully random guns. How does having to worry about 5 killing sprees make sense for this mode? Please think through what people want out of the play type. New to this?


Killing Sprees aren’t that hard to get. I may have gotten 2 unintentionally last night just by playing.

sprees just happen in fiesta thats how it happens its not hard it just happens sometimes

Yeah, it has been a struggle. Of all the fiesta’s I’ve played these last two days, I’ve gotten 1 killing spree…and it was before the challenge was active, so it doesn’t count. Highly frustrating and majorly killed my motivation to want to continue to play this game as a whole. FYI, that’s what my weekly reward challenge is…and I can’t swap it, so unless I somehow divine myself into 5 killing sprees in this terrible (in my opinion) mode, all my work has been for nothing this week.

It makes us wonder why they even include challenges in the first place. They should just give out the weekly rewards to everyone who just logs in that week. It’s crazy how the can expect us to play the game and not earn everything.

Sarcasm obviously

Sbmm made that challenge absolutely horrific.

Also completely detracted from the fun of Fiesta.