343 desync has to go now!

One of the major issues right now and when will 343 fix desync.

For me desync is one of the reasons why i find infinite so inconsistent when it comes to gameplay. The game has been out a while now and i cant seem to get into a rhythm at all. I mean how can you? Some games im doing well but most games im doing terrible and its all because of desync.

Ever since the last game update/patch the game is terrible to play.

When it comes to shooting because of desync it makes the game unplayable. The enmies shields have popped they should be a one shot but no, they take 4 or more shots to get a kill. Im tired of losing out on battles that make no sense. I see an enemy, shoot at them with my BR they have a sidekick. Ive shot them 3 times before they start shooting me. Ive shot them 7 times and they wont die but i die after they shoot me 4 times… ive literally counted and watched it back in theatre mode. Bullets follow you around corners. You die from one bullet from any gun. You can have full shields but not when you get shot from ONE bullet. Feels like my bullets i shoot give’s my enemys more shields. Its ridiculous.

When it comes to movement its bonkers. I have to hit every button 2 or 3 times to do anything. Sprint, jump, slide everytime im mashing the buttons because if i dont spam triggers or buttons my spartans doesnt do anything. I remember on bazaar, I picked up the rocket launcher and pressed the trigger once and nothing…I just stood there doing nothing, like what. Then i got rushed and meleed and died. Ive tested my controller and its fine, brand new controller. Even trying to pick up wepons they’re delayed. I would have an enemy warthog right next to me and i would mash the X button to hijack but nope all i manage to do is reload my weapon…

When it comes to servers and connectivity its terrible.
I have to.
Every single time.
Have to.
Turn off my game or restart my xbox to play the next match. They never load into the next match. I always get booted from the server or the Internet goes but my wifi is fine. Ive been on here talking to the community and they asked questions on my set up and to everyone who helped are stumped because everything is fine and i shouldn’t have any problems.

343 desync has to go at any cost.

I have a theory that desync would happen less often if crossplay was disabled. There’s no way the game can be worse if crossplay was disabled.

If anyone has any ideas or tips on desync let me know.
If anyone knows how 343 should deal with desync post a comment on how they should.


I have exactly same experience as you and starting today I stopped playing this game as result. I’m decent player but In this game I just can’t win BR or melee duel no matter what, I always start shooting first and always loose

must be something with region because there’s pro players like lucid from US with no DESYNC at all

I’m from middle of EU and I have terrible DESYNC with ping between 20-30

where are you from? I bet you’re not US as well

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There are two servers in the EU. One in the Netherlands and the other in Ireland.

I live in Ireland and have terrible time with this game.

I think the EU servers need some seeing to or maybe there bot working. If i could track what region each match is i would know how bad my games are. I know if i hear somebody on mic talking and most times figure out that im in a USA server and i dont know why im there when its so far away?

Server regions and crossplay i think are the main issue when it comes to desync making the game unplayable and 343 know this but are not doing anything about it.

when the servers are on par with a game like TF2 (2007 game) and thus worse than past games… you know you done something wrong
the amount of times i’ve either: killed someone, only to then two seconds later be killed by said dead person. sword someone and kill them only for me to die as well because apparently they backsmacked me. hammer someone before the hammer even swings down and connects with them. or having someone kill me despite the fact i clearly swung the sword and made an impact sound is just… frustrating


Its getting to the point where i cant even play no matter how much i try. Doesnt matter what ping i have.
280ms can be the same as 10ms.

I know your pain. Had so many of these happen to me. Dont you just hate it on the map recharge you jump over for the sword/hammer and when you jump back over you land take 1 step and then appear at the bottom of the pool of water dead. Great feature on that map :smile:


Yeah, I’m at the point that I only play for event rewards or weekly rewards and then stop playing for the week


Bout to play and see how bad it is today. My friends are on the other side of the country we’ll see who gets the short end of stick for server selection.

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Yeah me too. I’d say i don’t have a lot of spare time to play, maybe 6 hrs a week but a lot lately I’m like “nah i’m gonna pass”
because even with events or free things or something that would want me to play i don’t because of how bad the game preforms. I’d like to be able to have a good experience but i think it’ll be a long wait until 343 finally does something about it.

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Ughhh every game was on Launch Site. That map is already so laggy :man_facepalming:

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The fact desync exists in Academy against bots too has me worried the issues is much more then just servers. I really hope we get a fix in this “mid” February update. Especially since rank is getting reset. It was a hard enough uphill battle with the current system due to desync.

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Between this, no collision, no ranked slayer playlist, (don’t want to be forced to play objective) , and the other issues, I can’t do this anymore. My favorite franchise from the beginning This is the worst it has ever been.

I’ll check on it later on, if anything has improved, but this has left a very sour taste in my mouth, as I don’t like the avenue gaming has taken in general.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this and the stupid way they try to monetise everything is actually gives no incentive.