343 - Crinsom DLC - Ways to make it work

We all know, 343 knows, and Frank O’Connor called it a DLC Fiasco
Knowing it was a fiasco is the first step, congratulations for recognize your mistakes

After months, yes, this map pack is broken.
dont do something like that ever againg.

I have played Crinson DLC for a few times, and in the regular playlist when they appear.

> I only played CTF and slayer in this map,regular matchmaking, and it is clear that it donst work well in slayer.
> I dont know if the it was developed with that intention, but it works well in King of The Hill and Extraction, played on custom games.

> This is the only map that actually works well in a slayer playlist, all the others playlist dont work too well with it.
It is a good map for slayer, i mean Big team, multiple ways to go around, and vehicles.
> it could work in a Big Team Objective playlist and Dominion

> It is just the worse of all three.
> It needs some design modifications to work with CTF, Extraction…
> it is a total mess.

And, make it free

I have the war games map pass, i would love to trade Crinsom DLC for a Classic Map Pack.

The vehicle setups on shatter and wreckage are just boring, harvest is great but it’s way too large for 4v4.

They’re never gonna be free, might get a deal of the week on live if people holding out are lucky, 800msp for 3 maps seems like a ripoff but it is what it is.