343 could have made a halo 3 duplicate

And all the crying kids would still cry that halo 3 was better.

Games change halo 1,2,3,4 none of them are the same game get over it already really most if you are just plain annoying crying because you suck now at halo 4.

Go ahead say you own people all day the game is easy blah blah blah but the truth is you suck you keep getting trolled by people who picked up the changes to the game and can adapt better than you and now you want to blame 343 for your lack of skill.

I don’t care if you were a 50 or a 2 in halo 3 this isn’t halo 3 and it never will be if you have constructive criticism post it

I’ve hear interesting points about thing people don’t like but face it ordinance drops are staying so if you don’t like it stop playing, armor abilities also staying

Sure some thing will probably get tweaked in one way or another but I sure you will complain about however they tweak it because its bit halo 3. Well it’s never going to be halo 3 so go play another game if you don’t like it.

actually id rather have a halo 2 remake

I actually supported this game until i played it, now o think it just dosen’t feel like halo.

Oh yeah, it you havent worked it out, just because we don’t like halo 4 dosen’t mean we shoulden’t play it, we stick it out, and hope 343 at least edit some issues.

Another thing, people said before release “you havent played the game! Wait till release and you’ll see then haters! Stop complaining!” which i find ironic because they told all the haters to wait until release, and now its past release they say where not allowed on opinion.

Its hilarious.