343 continues to show true colors. They dont care

The response on twitter about the halo wars 2 servers being down is the final straw. There is no community here in 343’s eyes. Only a source of income. Its disgusting and im out.


There have been numerous reports of 343i actively censoring content on the Halo subreddit that are critical about them and the game, and banning users without reason (343i employees are mods on the subreddit). This is becoming a serious problem.

Lucid was even inexplicitly banned after his tweets about the state of the game until he made a video about the situation and made the community aware.



Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Lucid was banned by accident. It wasn’t intentional at all. Stop trying to stir up falsehoods please.


How is a pro player banned on accident exactly? When it was a manual action and not due to leaving games?


Oh so you didn’t actually know the reason behind the ban then?

This why I can stand this community sometimes. They blow things way out of proportion.

There’s the door if you want to follow MaldyMaldy out.

There’s criticism and then there’s this.


You have no clue what im talking about do you? Im not talking about a ban. It was a written response. And it was low. Really low. The bans are the cherry on top.


So, Lucid is a liar? Because I watched his video and unless he is lying about being banned, lying about having to make an alt account until they unbanned him I am confused as to which part of this is misinformation.

I’m sorry where did I say he wasn’t banned? I say it myself on twitter.

I’m saying you’re lying. You.

About what specifically?

Yeah I know what you’re talking about. I saw it myself. I saw postums having really bad day.

Do you know how much hate that guy gets?

People are calling him on the phone. They have his phone number.

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Then tell us the reason… please, go ahead. :slight_smile:


Just because something hurts your feelings, or you disagree with it does not make it untrue. Please state facts, and stop lying on here. I will happily admit I am wrong if you provide me with factually correct information that proves Lucid was lying.


It’s was an error. 343 didn’t ban him on purpose.

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How is a MANUAL BAN not on purpose? What, someone at 343 got drunk and saw his tweet and did it on accident? Give me a break man, go back to fairy tale land.


Anti-cheat banned him. Not an actual person. Go look it up.

Or better yet, actually watch the video lucid made about the ban. It said nothing about being banned for giving criticism.

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Anti-Cheat barley bans cheaters LMFAO, ok sure I believe this one.

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Also to add, why would it only ban him from ranked and not social if it was anti-cheat. Take a second and think about this please before replying.

Well either way somehow he got banned and we know it wasn’t an employee. Why would they want him banned? He makes them money.


He was banned after saying negative things about the game, which would do the exact opposite. I think it is you who needs to think my friend.

Look at the facts, and put your personal bias/feelings to the side for a second.