343 contact

why is 343 so scared to be contacted??? They leave it to forums instead of an actual email? If you ask me it is because thy know they ruined halo and don’t want to be bothered by it. It’s unfair how things don’t work like they are supposed to for one person yet other ppl have 0 issues 343 get off our -Yoink- and make a contact email

I don’t believe it has anything to do with being “scared to be contacted”. Email support is generally one on one contact, which can actually be more detrimental for support that you might think. The community forums let multiple people share similar issues which can be tracked and collated easier. It also gives community members the chance to help out on minor questions and problems.

Email is also susceptible to abuse which can’t be easily moderated as the forums can be. I wouldn’t want to have to weed through spam and abusive messages just to find a legitimate support question to answer…

If you have a support question you should post it in the relevant subforum.