343 Consistently Answers Community Issues - And fast

Hey everyone, wanted to share something I created, and the discovery I made in doing so.

I run a community called Anchor 9, and a lot of what I do in my free time is keep everyone updated on issues in Infinite, and try to provide learning tools to our slice of the community.

This led to me creating an issue tracker, where I list issues commonly cited with Infinite and see how 343 approaches the conversation around them. My goal wasn’t to put down 343, but rather to keep tabs on individual issues to update Anchor 9 members, and maybe see if there’s any trends to what gets fixed and what hasn’t been talked about yet.

The biggest discovery I made was that 343 is actually insanely fast when commenting on issues, and in some cases even bringing them up before the community does. (In the case of Geofiltering, Unyshek posted about it before anyone else could.)

So what do I track? Issues that impact the direct enjoyment of players. BTB issues, for example. Or the recently talked about road map. A minor bug, such as a campaign boundary break, won’t be tracked.

I’m currently tracking 16 major issues. Of these 16 issues:

  • 2 have been fixed.
  • 3 have had partial fixed pushed to retail.
  • 8 are being worked on with no in-game updates yet.
  • Only three issues have not been commented on, and two are PC-specific issues.

Within these issues, I categorize them into three different groups based on importance. For example, the road map doesn’t impact actual gameplay, but the community really wants to see it. It’s logged as an issue, but one of lower severity. Issues that impact existing features typically are resolved first in some capacity. BTB is fixed as of today, and we’ve already seen some store changes.

I knew 343 was great on communication, but putting everything on a board where I can track progress on these issues showed me just how great they’ve gotten on this.

I won’t be posting a link to my issue tracker yet, last thing I need is someone using it to harass the devs. (Though anyone at 343 that wants it is welcome, since it’s literally talking about them). Though at some point I’d like to make this at least semi-public, if you have questions on a specific issue I’m happy to share what I know on it’s progress.

I hope you found this interesting, thanks for reading.