343 confirms desync fixes are not currently being worked on

A 343 employee confirmed on Reddit that desync (technically UCN / networking) fixes are not currently being worked on, as that team has been re-allocated to other Infinite work (not specified).

As players, I’m curious what everyone’s opinion is on this resource use. I’m quite curious what is a higher priority than core gameplay.

https://www.reddit.com/r /halo/comments/vm29z1/melee_andor_player_collision_is_still_incredibly/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Comment by 343 _Taxi

“… The TLDR of it is the devs that would work on these fixes have been allocated to other Infinite work…”


Do you have a link to the source?

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Found the source:

Comment by 343 _Taxi

“… The TLDR of it is the devs that would work on these fixes have been allocated to other Infinite work…”

This is ridiculous. It just shows that 343 doesn’t care about the game from a gameplay perspective. All they care about is selling cosmetics.

Halo Infinite is really just a Halo dress-up game.


Thanks for linking the source… sorry for laziness. I added to the original post.


Also from 343_Taxi

“It is high on our priority of fixes.”

What kind of management tries to claim that something is a high priority and then reallocates everyone to work on something else?


Desync is the main reason I quit playing. Infinite is pretty solid gameplay wise but the desync just kills it. 343 has their priorities all wrong if they choose to not work on that first and allocate their employees elsewhere


There is some hope:

These devs are coming home to Sandbox soon (hopefully)

I’d say it’s top priority but I don’t know what they are working on that required taking those devs away from UCN.


Keeping the lights on.

That’s a joke but resources get reallocated all the time. It doesn’t mean they’ve decided that desync is fine.

How long are they being reallocated?

What’s 343_taxi’s job? (I can’t see the reddit thread without the app.)


Ahh, gotta love management.


Sure sounds like they’re running around trying to put fires out everywhere. Not encouraging. It’s difficult to wrap my head around very many issues that could be higher priority than core optimization (really, fixing more than optimizing core online gameplay), but the fact that 343i has allegedly reshuffled the devs onto another project says that either something even more vital is broken, or simply that 343 have their priorities out of whack.

Sadly, I don’t think most fans would be surprised if either or both of those are true.


I believe it’s because the game is Free to Play. When something is given to you for free, you really aren’t allowed to complain about how crappy it is. They can also take however long they want to fix it because technically, you really don’t ever have to waste a single penny on Infinite(unless you want an experience that resembles the previous Halo games, then you will HAVE to pay extra money). Anyone crying about the “free stuff” will just be labeled as a “Karen” and told to shut up and play/pay.


That’s a great point. Their only indication is that devs are “coming home to Sandbox soon (hopefully)”.

While I appreciate the candor in including “hopefully”, it doesn’t paint an overly rosy picture. I could probably edit my first post to be clearer: it’s not -currently- being worked on. Begging the question of what is so urgent that it would draw a team away from another top priority.

Can the studio not handle multiple high priority issues concurrently? Any software engineers here care to weigh in?


I would rather pay $60 for a fixed game than $12 for some cosmetics to play dress-up with.


This game DESPERATELY needs new maps and networking optimization.

How in the name of all things rational are networking improvements not being actively worked on?

What the heck is going on at 343 right now??


The people who decided to spend the entire first season trying to make fluff content need to be fired. They put off season1’s workload (desync, finishing the game mode wise, letting playlists be a thing) to get season2 stuff ready for launch on season2 so they could avoid the appearance of falling behind by… falling behind? Shockingly, and to no one outside of 343i’s surprise, season2 came and went with nothing but a new battlepass to sell while half the community was waiting on week2/3 fix for desync to be able to splurge for the battlepass.

If this information is true, there is no possibility that LSS and attrition werent one of many things that had to get bumped out first before desync, while ignoring when players return to a steaming pile of desync they cut their losses. Again. Really disheartening for the return in 3 years to a functional game plan, but definitely feel a lot better about having not bought anything yet even with a maxed season1 battlepass.


I’ve posted a few times about how ridiculous it is that the shop works, we get new cosmetics all the time but desync persists, and I always get replies saying something about “different teams work on different things”.
If 343i can move the people that work on desync somewhere else, then they could bring people together to tackle desync.


Probably getting everyone together to get out the next battle pass on time and/or update the shop :rofl:


Is it really that hard for 343i to be honest with us and show us a roadmap of what they’re doing and when they plan to release things? Something similar to how Star Citizen is doing it.


I think which server too is also to blame. I noticed that even 30ms+, I see the slightest desync. But when it’s 12ms, it’s perfectly fine. And this is bizarre as I live in California and have fiber. I’m not understanding why I’m being put to servers that aren’t yielding the lowest ping… One time I got placed into 120ms match. And that was terrible.


343i being honest with us-

"I don’t know if twitter/reddit is the best place to go into all the details about why there’s been a lack of UCN improvement, there’s a lot of factors, so I’ll keep it brief. The TLDR of it is the devs that would work on these fixes have been allocated to other Infinite work. Their work has had some knock on benefit to our UCN solution, especially around movers (players, vehicles, etc.) on object devices (elevators, pistons, bridges etc.), but not around the melee and “around the wall” shots. These devs are coming home to Sandbox soon (hopefully)

The Community and Competitive Insights teams have done an amazing job at letting us know how frustrating these kind of situations are. It is high on our priority of fixes."

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