343 Characters are something special

Disclaimer - These are my own personal opinions!

343 characters in their games have been nothing sort of amazing in my book. Let’s start with the Infinite. We get a very brief glimpse of the pilot on Discover hope and immediately we felt for him. That teaser showed a little bit of his family background, what he was fighting for, what he was missing dearly and if John didn’t appear in his radar at the right moment he could have pulled the trigger with that one bullet he was saving it for! Nameless, yet quite iconic already.

Escharum - Let’s fast forward a bit and we meet our advisory at the end of the gameplay reveal on June. Old, battle worn yet wise and mature. Apart from that phenomenal monologue and hair raising soundtrack (Set you heart on fire), his respect for chief even though he knows he is the enemy was quite admirable. Covenant just called him DEMON but this man knows who is talking to, knows the caliber of his enemy and dare I say Might!, Calls him out but does so with respect, such maturity. And all of this from just a small snippet from a cutscene. Just perfect!

Weapon - And on E3 we met her! wow…A new AI (in Halo world that is a big thing!) not a easy character to master. Yet something was so naive and childish about her. The tone change and delivery of the dialogue by Jen Taylor was second to none. Again a brief meeting and already intrigued beyond belief. Not a single moment I thought “oh well a Cortana rip off”. Now that is a victory.

I can keep going on and on, just a few more highlights such as Lasky - amazing character, need more of him. John and Cortana from Halo 4 - Speechless Chef’s kiss

But not all good, we do have quite a few duds such as - Palmer, Osiris (had potential), Del Rio (quite a straightforward villain - no grey shade).

Liberian and Didact - well they need a whole new thread to discuss, but to make it short I loved them, but need for screen time!

I actually see nothing wrong with Palmer, the members of Osiris, Del Rio, Didact, and Librarian.