343 changes management.

With the recent changes made at 343i mid project again I wanted to get a read of how the community feels. I know it’s not uncommon for staff to change roles or even finish their function on a project before the cycle has actually ended. These however seem like people who had a considerable impact on direction. Has this created any fears? Doubts? Perhaps excitement for new hires? Excitement for what the changes may mean or what non halo projects others move onto? I don’t want this to be a studio bashing thread. Rather a civil and constructive discussion on the state of infinite and games. We know little to nothing on the game and we were told a year long flight before launch. Is it reasonable to assume a delay? I’ll advocate a delay over a content light launch personally.

I don’t think there’s anything to really worry about. The game is out in a year, so this means they are in the late stages of development, nothing big can change, just some small little bits. Some people are leaving because they want to move on to other things in their career. Could there be stuff going on? Sure, though I highly doubt it, especially with the end of development almost here for them. Just my 2 cents.

People leave game studios, as long as it doesn’t shift focus, direction, and all the things that happened with Anthem I think we will be good. As far as a delay I’m for delays if that means we get a better, fuller and complete game, not to mention less crunch for the devs.

It’s interesting to me that when it comes to the gaming industry, people read into career changes so much. A long time ago, you got a job and stuck with it until you got your pension in 20 years. That’s just not how the economy works anymore, especially in tech heavy industries. I remember reading a statistic back in college that showed the average person will have 11 different job titles before they turn 30 (I have six, technically seven, different job titles under my belt across two industries and I’m not even 30 yet, for example). Now that could mean promotions within a company, but also could mean that people move around and change companies fairly quickly compared to just a decade or two ago.

So while someone leaving 343 might mean there is internal strife at the company, the far more likely reason is that they just saw an opportunity to advance their career and took it.

Important figures leaving can be alarming but I don’t think we have too much to worry about with the departures in recent months. We’re a year away from release so I’m hoping everything is set in stone and it’s just a matter of actually completing it if that makes any sense. I was kinda happy with Tim Longo leaving, as for the other two I’m indifferent.

What Skully said here above.

Personally I’m not concerned at all about those positions moving around, I would be worried however if the game isn’t at good near to be completed state AND people got shuffled left and right, We’re seeing a similar situation with Star Wars: ROS right now: the movie is coming out in two months and still getting heavy re-shoots - how the heck are the special FX guys supposed to make it in time? Normally a J.J. Abrams flick would be good and done by now. Therefore obviously I’m concerned and don’t have many expectations. Back to Halo seeing how long the game was in development and based on its genre the game shouldn’t be finished, but it should be close to the finishing line. Hence if the game is in the state that it should be (and it seems that is in fact the case), moving people around or even losing head figures won’t impact the game at all. If they’re way behind or we got yet another H5G situation where management decided to change production half way through, than yes, than we got a big issue on your hand.

I can only hope 343i isn’t way too behind schedule and that the marketing at XBox Studios (ex Microsoft Game Studios) won’t get their fingers dirty once more. The last time they did that a spin-off title became a main entry to the series, Chief got shoe-horned into the game, Spartan Ops got basically retconned and Cortana became an evil dictator. Just say’n MS! Let your studio do the art and story telling work please!^^’

The management stuff along with how we have so little information on the game is not a good sign.

I see both sides of it.

It’s 343i’s job to minimize how important any of this comes off to us. They’re right to do that, and it makes sense that they want to maintain internal optimism about the development of their product. I wouldn’t rather them feel differently about that aspect of things.

But they should understand that it’s optically concerning from the outside to see these kinds of shake ups, and if they’re approaching all of this with the appropriate attitude, they need to be introspective and see if there are problems in their organization that are causing unusually/unnecessarily fast turnaround in certain roles.

Two notable departures in a handful of months from the same position? Not nearly out of the realm of possible coincidence, so it shouldn’t give us as fans too much pause. But the idea that raising an eyebrow over it is an unreasonable overreaction isn’t right, either.

I would be more worried if I had any clue how this game was gonna turn out. Its been a year and a half since the game has been announced and we have very little idea of how this title will play. I guess I am not all that concerned about the management change, all we can do is wait and see.

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I would love to see warzone

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> Two notable departures in a handful of months from the same position? Not nearly out of the realm of possible coincidence, so it shouldn’t give us as fans too much pause. But the idea that raising an eyebrow over it is an unreasonable overreaction isn’t right, either.

Misconception that it was the same position. Tim Longo was Creative Director and left. Mary Olson was promoted to Lead Producer around the time Tim left, but she left shorty after. Two different positions with different roles.

Thanks for the clarification on this- it helps to mitigate my concerns somewhat.

Ya so we all seem to have a similar outlook, thank you all for the respectful comments. Let’s hope XO19 is ready to show us something halo infinite, ideally if I was a dreamer a beta for arena for December.

As long as the final product is good then I don’t care about the management changes. Does this make me worry about the future of Halo? A little yes. Introducing new people in decision making can be a good thing but it can also change the whole direction and conception of story which could be bad.

The game is set where it’s going to go. They’re probably finishing up the game and leaving a little room for tuning after a beta. I don’t believe anything big is going to happen until E3 but a December beta would be quite the Christmas gift. But I wouldn’t hold my breath over it