343 can't take constructive criticism

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This game is so far beyond repair it’s an insult. I can’t remember the last time I entered a game and actually enjoyed my time. I remember the old days, being able to play through an entire slayer match without being booted by a -Yoink- server. I also remember back when I didn’t have to fight the most awkward auto aim in the franchise. I love having to compensate for the magnetism and then having someone literally just thrust away at the last intended bullet to the head. (Yay! -Yoink- spartan abilities.) Kind of annoying when half of the game consists of me fighting the clunky controls and having to chase someone down who always seems to be better off just running away. And the new forge maps are just a spit in the face, they all look hideous and they just seem like an easy excuse for 343 to work less on a game that’s already failed miserably. I don’t blame them tbh, atleast they could do is market the game under a different brand name because we all know halo died a horrible server crashing death. Oh and there is still only 5 game types lmfao.

Someone help me find the constructive part.