343 CAN'T handle RUNNING a HALO game

Now this may just sound like some rallying cry to ya’ll but I think it’s about time we stop putting up with this BULL. With the release of Season 3 all of us are “content” only because there is CONTENT. Do you see how low 343 has lowered our expectations so that when we get a new gun/map/armor core that isn’t hideous/cut-scenes that aren’t trash, we’re all happy campers? It’s a sigh of relief for sure cuz season 2 was too long and too dry for me and thousands of others. But have you ever stopped to ask why? Why was it so long and horrendous? Why hasn’t 343 listened to us until recently? It’s because they are slowly lowering our expectations so we are happy when the game is sub-par, semi-dry, and has cut-scenes that aren’t worse than Halo 5’s? (which was released almost 8 years ago). Not just that but they took the scope off a DMR, made it a**, and re-branded it as a “Bandit”? Is 343 just retconning weapons now? Also, I guess cross-core won’t happen cuz 343 FIRED the guy who was pushing for it. The SAME guy who made visors cross-compatible. The CEOs and Heads of Staff are jumping ship, leaving the sweaty game devs to deal with our complaints. Not just that but 10-year plans for Halo Infinite have been scrapped, along with ODST Battle Royale (being saved for Halo 7 when they get rid of Slip-Space Engine and switch to Unreal Engine which they should have done in the first place.) Not to mention the burning pile of sh*t that is the story of Halo: Infinite’s campaign.

Not happy 343, not happy.


I could get into a detailed discussion but there is no point any more since the forums are closing after this weekend.

A long story short, I don’t think that 343 ‘planned’ the downfall of Halo, I think it was more so a series of accidents that eventually spiraled out of control into what Infinite is now.

Ironically, Bungie did the same thing with their trilogy lol obviously they stumbled into success while 343 has struggled to maintain a singular vision for their product.