343 Can we just buy the game?

Dear 343.
None of us asked for this game to be free to play.
None of us wanted to be forced down this battle pass.
None of us want to grind for hundreds of hours just to get a helmet that we had in previous titles.
None of us want to buy armour that we previously owned for free in the store.

Can we just buy the game instead of you holding customisation hostage until we fork out obscene amounts of money?


You keep saying none.
meanwhile microsoft see’s these f2p games making billions of $'s per year.

What do you expect them to do? and by none you mean most gamers, like it or not the market told these companies that what the people want is, f2p, battlepass, fish costumes.

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You may be correct. But when did they ask us? They kept saying that the game was “for the players” they said we’d have millions of customisation options on day one. They said many things that were untrue.
Just because a bunch of kids that are too stupid to tie their own laces eat up skins on fortnite doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable.
We have brains, that’s our advantage. We should use them for once.


Free-to-play would’ve be fine if we didn’t have to regress with certain features.

We went from freely choosing our Spartan colours to hoping 343i sells you a coating that has the colours you’ve used for years

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I am happy for the F2P, so I would have asked for it.

You would have asked to be sold the things we used to get as part of the standard game?
My faith in the community is at an all time low.

People keep comparing Infinite to the old games from 10+ years ago and it makes me laugh. Game dev has moved on, you can’t produce a game like this in 2 years like they did with Halo 2. It comes with massive expense, yet I see posts with people complaining that the multiplayer isn’t included with a one-off campaign purchase like previous games.

What we have now are options for cool effects, AI customisation, nicer looking skins with camo effects etc.
You can pick a cool skin and pay once for it, then you can play the F2P game they have made for you.
343 don’t expect you to buy everything, just like how you don’t go into a retail store and buy everything at once.

Just spend $10 here and there on nice stuff and enjoy the game.

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Issue is not that the game is f2p, it’s that the way they are monetizing the f2p is just straight up bad.
There have been tons of f2p games with good quality that make money purely off cosmetics that do not rely on predatory tactics or make progression such an unfun and disgusting feeling.

Yet why does 343 have to fallback on such horrendous methods? And as an extra spit in our eye, we can’t even customize properly because of Armor Cores and Colour Cores restricting any sort of creative freedom.

If games were so expensive to make then howcome not every game is free to play with a cosmetic system gutted out to sell back to players?
How can a game like Spiderman for PS4 or Breath of the Wild for Switch be as successful as they are?
If it’s so expensive to make then suerly every game would have to go down this route?
Or is Halo Infinite just a special case because 343 said so?

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Not to mention the MCC. The MCC does not have the worlds biggest population, yet they keep working on it and making it greater. I doubt they would do that if it looses them more money than it earns. And this game you buy once.

I agree with you, ftp is far from a necessity

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They never hid it, it was one of a vast amount of new articles that never migrated over. It was brought back last night and is now live on the site


Yeah, I saw the tweet an hour or two ago. I’ll go ahead and retract myself :]

Incorrect. The market told companies what consumers are willing to pay for. Not what they want. Am I willing to pay for a battle pass? I am. Do I want to or believe I should have to? Of course not. Would I buy anything currently in the market? No. Would I buy the next battle pass? Given what this one ended up containing, and given that it is missing reach armor while locking missing armor to the character kits I won’t be buying anything going forward. I don’t want this, but if the value was good I’d be willing to pay for it. The value is not good. Not one bit.


Shill for the cooperate machine, nah I’ll pass on that.

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Newsflash neither Microsoft nor 343i are obligated to ask you or anyone of us.
It is their IP and their budget going into the project.

not trying to play devil’s advocate but such attitudes are a no-go.

Eyeroll. Let’s not have 100 threads on the same topic.


Kinda how things get noticed.

This is embarrassing dude.

No, such attitudes are perfectly valid when 343 is banging on about how they’ve made the game “for the players”.

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That’s a different audience though. The F2P audience and the Halo audience aren’t the same. If they wanted to capitalize on that audience, I’d be fine, as long as they didn’t do it with the main Halo franchise. They’re forcing a type of game design on fans of a franchise that don’t want it. Not everything has to be F2P.

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