343, can we get info on infection/flood?

As far as I’m aware there hasn’t been any confirmation on when or even if we’ll get the infection/flood gametype. This is one of my few complaints with the game. If we’re going to get the gametype (hopefully with it’s own matchmaking playlist and plenty of adjustable settings) soon when forge comes out then fair enough. I just hope there wasn’t some ridiculous oversight or unnecessary cut for no good reason that takes away one of my favorite gametypes that has come so far since the honor rules zombies custom games in halo 2.

I also miss Infection playlist with a passion :frowning:

I sunk so many hours in that, more of them just sitting there laughing than actually trying to win.

Yes. One of my favourite halo gametypes. Maybe in the weekend playlist?

I am sure we will be seeing it.

343: “No but why don’t you buy some requisition packs?”

I am sure we will be seeing it.

We better get that mode!

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> Yes. One of my favourite halo gametypes. Maybe in the weekend playlist?

Having it’s own playlist is a whole different matter. I’d love for it to have a matchmaking playlist, but if not I can deal with it. Not having the gametype in the game at all though is unacceptable. That is a slap in the face to all the community that has grown the gametype from a slayer game with swords and pistols/shotties and honor-rules in halo 2, to it’s own gametype in halo 3, to more depth in settings options in reach, and then even having a flood skin for the infected in halo 4 (and losing some settings options which did more harm than good).

That gametype has come too far to be taken completely out of the game. Especially considering all the unique custom games it allowed people to create aside from zombies type games. I want to know that it’s coming, but 343 seems to have quietly swept it under the rug not addressing it hoping it would go unnoticed.

Not to mention how much more the gametype can grow, especially now that they’re including AI in multiplayer. Imagine rather than having some people randomly spawn as infected at the beginning of the round, that you could instead have everyone start human on the same team and flood AI gradually swarms the map more and more till a couple people get infected. Then the flood stops swarming and it turns into an ordinary infection game, but it’s a fair game of survival of the fittest rather than randomly being selected as an infected at the start.

Oh my god!! someone finally added the topic!! i miss infection so much, it’s the very reason i go back to play Halo Reach, it was okay in Halo 4 in Flood but wasn’t really the same, it would be definitely be insane with all the spartan abilities introduced, as soon as forge comes in i’m making a map specific for infection and create a custom game type, but if they bring infection/flood back then that would be bloody great!!

There is no way they won’t drop it with forge during the december drop.

Well if we look at the past 343i will probably add its own well earned playlist in roughly 6 months.

I hope they add it, it was my favorite thing in Reach, but I hope it doesn’t contribute to K/D, as it can destroy it. But i’d like to have it for enjoyment and I don’t have to worry about K/D and stats from it.

Well let’s see what happens after Fallout 4 drops next Tuesday.

I hope they add infection. It’s all ways fun taking the challenge. :frowning:

What would it be like. Would the flood look different?

> 2533274963967453;3:
> Yes. One of my favourite halo gametypes. Maybe in the weekend playlist?

Ya. Maybe it will

There’s also need more communication from 343. The game is out from a week and they have been silent about future updates and playlists’ refreshment ( Arena is awesome, but it needs more variety and social playlists. Warzone is a completely different thing from arena so I don’t count that as casual halo multiplayer ) and plans for the future overall. Also last weekend was Halloween, and they didn’t make advantage of that releasing a social playlist like infection or a double xp event? Forge and Big team battle will be released in december, but before that period, like many have already said, Battlefront and Black ops 3 will be coming, and Halo 5 needs to offers more than a campaign, warzone, and 4 multiplayer modes.

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> What would it be like. Would the flood look different?

Even if it were just the basic infection gametype I would be content. But there’s plenty of potential to improve.

We could have the flood skin for infected players like in halo 4. We could have flood AI that are the enemy at the start of the round, to eliminate the random selection of who is infected. We could have players actually visually turn into flood when they become infected, rather than just respawn as flood somewhere. There’s plenty more improvements that could be made.