343 < bungie?

thats is exactly the point if 343 wont fix the small errors in anniversary then maby they arnt suited to hold the halo franchise because it is the small things that takes a game from good to great, and bungie has always done that. oh and the reason u can tell they are in it for money is because bungie put there name on maby every otther thing they sold and 343 has plastered there name on every thing.

Care to explain what ‘small’ errors need to be fixed?

It’s a bit silly posting there is problems but not saying what they are.

You’ve opened my eyes good sir.

343 got a bit zealous handling the bugs with Combat Evolved. They kept all the bugs in from the original because it’s the same engine as it was ten years ago.

343 Industries stated clearly that they would not touch anything on the original engine. All the glitches in the game are intentional since quite alot of the Halo Fanbase are Glitch-Hunters.

The only errors that come from 343 Industries and Saber Interactive’s part are the occasional texture errors in the Remastered Graphics Mode and the Delay in some areas of Online - Co-op.