I had a great idea last night about where we can go from level 130, maybe hitting level 130, the Spartan IV “graduates” from the Infinity Simulator and Spartan Ops which seems like a way for new Spartans to get their feet wet in battle before they go into the real deal, head out across the galaxy to battle in other sectors that are under attack.

So basically once you hit level 130, you don’t stop gaining exp, you start going up in Rank, starting at Recruit, Private, Corporal, etc etc, all the way to Inheritor. The stripes can be posted on the player card in the lobby next to Level 130.

Rank (Halo: Reach) | Halo Alpha | Fandom << See link for references

Another idea would be to not just have your weapon masteries screech to a halt after hitting 7/7 or 5/5. Remember in Reach how you gained Commendations for using certain weapons or doing certain things? Should definitely bring that to Halo 4. Because progress is always fun, it might not unlock any armors and it might just be for fun, but it’ll certainly increase the replay factor instead of a player feeling like they run into a brick wall at 130.

I know CoD is the enemy, but I think it would be cool to be able to get Onyx weapons like Blops 2 gives you Diamond weapons. I’m not exactly clear on what your Reach idea is, though. Non Spartan Ops missions?

Yea, non Spartan Ops, cuz Spartan Ops are for the new spartans, that’s said in the first video when Crimson goes planetside. The Spartans that show true potential would be relocated to different systems battling elsewhere but they come back to Infinity after a while and have rank. So those veterans would be marked in the lobby with a rank alongside their Level 130 tag

Even I don’t want Prestige mentioned on anything Halo and I’m the guy who wants Scorpion Tanks to have Jumpjets and transform into mechs.

I can’t see them saying Prestige. If anything all I can see them doing is just opening up more SR numerical ranks.

Parts of Reach are already in Halo 4. Just not in the ways you propose.

Ninja’d, I was never here…

> Ninja’d, I was never here…

Yeah this, basically once you hit level 130 you still keep gaining experience points, it just doesn’t stop. You start as a recruit and as you play more, you go to Private, then Corporal etc etc all the way up to Inheritor. So when you populate in a lobby and you run into a Level 130 you can be like “Oh this guy is just a recruit” or you can go “OH -Yoink- this guy is a freakin Inheritor” just like I did in Reach which I’m sure a lot of you did haha, so those guys with high ranks would be like Spartans who graduated from the Training Sim and started earning their stripes in battles that aren’t Spartan Ops, cuz Spartan Ops is there for Spartans to get their feet wet before they’re put into the real epic battle… wherever that is lol

When you get to Inheritor after maxing all the SR levels

This should happen:

I think this is a pretty solid idea, especially if the exp gain is based more on the damage you do in battle and your survival instead of just completing the match. It could really be a whole other game for you once you hit level 130.

Heck if they wanted to, 343 could add those funky armor effects too and let people save up exp to buy those once they hit 130 too, I’m sure that’d bring up the population.

I was thinking the same thing actually. Since CSR won’t be visible in game I want those credits, and challenges that I do to at least have a point. I am at 130 so all my credits now days go to the garbage pile, wasted.


Ranks in Halo? Absurd.

Skill doesn’t matter it’s just about having fun! Because matching up skilled/un-skilled players = fun!

Ranks? Thats what speacializations are for! Do those first before you worry about more. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is for people who have completed all their specializations and have reached the max level of 130. Also I don’t want to be stuck with the title of the last specialization i picked for the remainder of my online career. It’d be cool if they at least changed it to Veteran or even better, changed the Title to whatever your rank is if they implement the idea :smiley: