343, boy oh boy.

So noticing that 343 doesn’t consist of a lot Bungie employees (knew already lol), the people who work at 343 come from all over from different developers, from Ubisoft, Valve, Rockstar, EA and then you have Microsoft experienced employees. Now I know why things in Halo 5 are horrible and because of this I can see why the environment design, armor design, story design and telling are all horrible. Yes there are htings that are interesting about Halo 5 but I feel that there are more wrong that right with this company.

Bungie grew from making Halo who everyone there knew what to do to make a great Halo game. Now I can see the comparison in experience. A developer who grew up on knowing their passion for making a game series they loved to a company who know nothing of Halo except a few people.

What do you guys think?

This is just an open invitation for developer bashing and that is neither constructive nor welcome here.

It’s fine to have differing opinions and to not like things but putting down an entire company and calling them ‘horrible’ doesn’t bode well for a good discussion.