343 blatantly refuses to listen to feedback

Since before release, one of the strongest points of feedback has been that collision needs to be in multiplayer.


Yet these pleas continue to fall on deaf ears… From the Season 1 Feedback:

“Feedback: Some players like no player collision, while most would like it to return”

  • This has consistently been one of the strongest points of feedback since the beginning, 90% want it. I’m pretty sure the “some people” that don’t just refers to 343.

“Collision was turned off for allies to reduce frustrating moments of getting hung up on friendlies in tight spaces, or backing into allies and feeling like you’re hitting a wall.”

  • So instead we are forced to accept teammates that walk through us blocking our shots, getting stuck by our grenades, and making rockets explode in our face. And don’t forget the enemies that we are shooting who simply back up through their teammate and force us to start over shooting a new enemy who is at full health, while we are close to dead.

“However, we are aware of the community sentiment and are discussing future mitigations.”

  • Translation: we’re trying to drag this out so long that the community gives up.

“We also want to include making it an option players can switch on and off in custom games.”

  • So it’s totally possible but 343 just refuses to do it.

So basically, 343 has decided they know better than us what we actually want and so they refuse to make changes that would make Halo play more consistently and be less frustrating for the vast majority of players. Not to mention this is a problem they invented that nobody asked for.

Please 343, just listen to the feedback and bring collision back to Halo.

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I don’t think it would be too much to ask to put in a test playlist or something to gather feedback specific to Infinite. Of course there are pros and cons for each way, and no doubt at this point there would be some pains if it were switched back.

I think I would prefer it on, but I’d like to try it out before the switch is fully switched.


There is a large group called Halo Insiders. Perhaps 343 could actually use them for testing changes before releasing them.

If 343 actually wants this game to succeed as a live service game, they are going to need to find a way to use their Insiders to test things before release.

Rare figured out how to make this work for Sea of Thieves. They even gave special cosmetics to players that played the Insider build helping to make sure updates released regularly and without breaking the game.

It wouldn’t hurt if 343 learned a thing or two from Rare.

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I’m not sure 343 know what the word competitive means. collision makes things more challenging and more interesting to watch and play.


It isn’t just about being competitive. It’s also about being less frustrating.

I would rather not be able to run through a doorway at the same time as a teammate than have a teammate run through me as I fire a rocket forcing me to self-destruct. One of these makes sense intuitively. The other does not.

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I was just shaking my head over this one as well. NOONE asked for ut to be removed.
Since the flight, the feedback was clear.
Since launch, the feedback is clear.

and 343 still acts like a stubborn child… “we know better”.


halo is inherently a competitive game. Its designed so you can compete against other players. what you just described is an uncompetitive moment because other players, even if its just your teammates, can occupy your space. In a game like halo with small maps, its bad design. It wasnt a problem in past halo’s.

Yeah, I’ve been an insider for years. I’ve been involved in many MCC flights and all the infinite flights. I’ve never once received a survey or any formal request for feedback. I would love to be included in the Forge flight.


I second that.


We wont stop, until this is fixed completely.


Same here. Guess they only wanted feedback from particular players.


I dislike friendly fire collisions. I’d be just fine with it being diabled. I wouldn’t mind as much if they made the fact that it exists a loading screen tip or something, though. The worst part about it is that it feels like lots of people don’t know it exists (I assume my friend wasn’t splattered while carrying the flag by a teammate who knew about it. I only learned about it by running over a teammate as well).

I wouldn’t me surprised if turning it off would inspire teams to walk in front of warthogs and get pushed to the enemy base.

Seconded. We desperately need something new, even if it’s a test flight version. Let us test it out. Let us QA. Let us dig out all the bugs.

We have so many players and content creators ready to crack open the game and tell you what needs fixing, so let us do it and you save yourself a massive headache when you release a poor update and people just give up on the game entirely.


The best way to fix it is to stop playing.

Online population count is 6000.

200 million went to the tv show.

They can’t even afford to change it anymore. After season 2 also disappoints, microsoft will probably pull it. It’s embarrassing to put a name to this at this stage, and you know I could post a wall of text detailing all the issues, politics and bullsh*t that this title is. It’s nothing like you want and never will be.


This actually commonly happens when playing with my friend in Fiesta. I even had my own grenade bounce off of them because they walked through me, and blew myself up. I was pissed. Why is it that we can hit our teammates with our weapons, and our vehicles, but we can’t stand on each other’s heads? That’s always been a big part of Halo everyone usually loves.

Either 100% disable betrayals and friendly fire collision, or fully enable all collision. Don’t just take the worst parts of both options.


We need to get all the Halo content creators, pro players, influencers and community to start tweeting at 343 screenshots of Spartans standing on each other’s heads in MCC with a grey filter over it.

No context, no words needed. Just an image with a grey filter over it. Of Spartans standing on each other’s heads.


I have a better idea. Why don’t they head over to installation01.org and give those guys a hand. They at least seem to be making something the community wants.

Over in the 343 camp we have a tv show that took all the funding that my dad likes which is delivered as an extremely piratable medium. So marketing/management basically threw 200 milly down the drain, what do you think the future is for this?

Despite their core audience not being comprised of pro players, they are shaping Infinite with the assumption that people wish only for a competitive environment, regardless of what others might say

343 have never listened, they simply assume what is best.

They probably dont listen to us due to us fans being a “threat” to there “broader audience”

The change is absolutely not in favor of competetive players…

They probably turned collision off due to networking errors!!! So they probably need to fix the game before we can collide again.

Just guessing like!

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