343 biggest errors in the story :

I’m a big fan of the Halo universe, not only the game but also the book. Unfortunately, I’m really disappointed by the Halo story that 343i show us (to be fair, I also dislike Halo Reach history made by Bungie, but let’s not talk about this here). I summarized the biggest problem in the story in my opinion :

The Prometheans :
The Prometheans are a bad enemy. They look like robot, but they are ancient life form. Cool, because I find that fighting just robot is boring. At the beginning, they were forerunners soldiers recomposed to fight the flood. But in Halo 4, they aren’t forerunner soldiers, they are ancient humans. But why ancient humans would follow the Didact : because they are programming to. So they are ancient human with no will. They are just like robot who obeys.
So why recomposed organic life form in them, just copy a soldier program in this robotic body would have be enough. Look at the Arminger, they are robot, not ancient human, and there is no difference in their way to fight or in their importance in the story, they are just stupid robot who obey.
If the Prometheans were ancient forerunner with real conscious and will, they would be more interesting to fight.

Jul Mdama :
The character is well develop in Spartan Ops and comics, and then get sacrifice at the first mission of Halo 5 just to shoe as Osiris is badass. This character should have deserved a better end, like for example dying in Sunaion by the hand of the Arbiter.

Blue team :
Blue team have a big importance in Halo universe, they are Spartan II like Master Chief, they are trained with him since they are 6 years old, they are his family. Their relationship is well stronger than with Cortana. Bring Master Chief with his family is exactly what Cortana ask him in Halo 4 by “being more human”.
However, they appear totally useless in Halo 5 and even aren’t present in Infinite. It’s a total waste. The Halo 5 prologue should have shown Master Chief meet them after all this time and the game should have focus on their relation instead of this stupid purchase with Osiris.

Osiris chasing Blue team :
Master Chief is the heroes, if you want to turn other good character against him, you need to have solid reasons for that. The reason were too ambiguous to convince anyone. This was so non sense than even Buck, Vale and Tanaka don’t try to stop Master Chief.

Cortana :
Cortana died in Halo 4, it was beautiful, she get a cool end. Rebring her to life to turn her evil was a huge mistake. She wasn’t even the Cortana we known and loved, she was just a fragment corrupted by the Domain who didn’t deserved to be called Cortana.

The worst, off course, was to kill her off screen. Despite her omnipotence, she was killed easily and quickly. A so important character deserved a better end. 343 try to give her a sort of redemption by her sacrifice, but there was nothing heroic in her last moment because she already knew she was convicted. Worst, her sacrifice don’t change anything since Atriox has survived.

The created : Same than Cortana, but in worst. They became the ultimate threat at the end of Halo 5, then disappear like if they never existed. We can even see the wreck of a Guardian on Zeta Halo, a symbol of their absence in the story. It’s been six month than Cortana died, however never a Guardian arrive to retake Halo Zeta. The created are composed of multiple AI independent, the death of Cortana shouldn’t have kill them.
Will the created story have an end one day, it’s not sure with 343.

The Infinity :
The biggest ship of all humanity was defeated in a short cinematic ! It’s too fast, too unexpected. The campaign should have started with a fight to defend the Infinity against the Banished boarding, this way we would have lost the battle ourself, we would have fell the lost instead off see it quickly in a cinematic.

The Harbinger and the Skimmer :
A new species is cool, but they weren’t enough presented. They appear like a secondary faction and there is still a lot of thing we don’t know about them. Some people still thin the Harbinger and the skimmer aren’t the same species.
I hope the next Halo Infinite story will present us the skimmer, with 343 I’m afraid they just pass to another thing without boring.

Tell a story :
At each game, 343 start something new and don’t end the story :

  • Halo 4 is about the Didact (who survive just to reappear in comics)
  • Halo Spartan Ops is about Jul Mdama (who die quickly in Halo 5 first mission)
  • Halo 5 is about Cortana and the AI getting evil (all of that just for kill her of screen before Infinite campaign start)
  • Halo Infinite is about the Banished and the Harbinger
    A story need a beginning, a middle and a end. Maybe one day 343 will give us that ? Unfortunately, the damage are done.

What do think of all that ?


I think your grammar sucks.
Jk but seriously I agree they do kill off a lot of main characters really quick and in a lame style. 343 needs to cling to some things and make them a common enemy, which isn’t easy to do. The covenant is an example of a great story, first it started as just elites trying to destroy humanity. By halo 2 it evolved into the brutes and elites and the new civil war all while going to a new halo after attacking earth. Then in halo 3 they attack earth and the elites join humanity against the grunts and the brutes. Halo 4 they killed off most of the covenant and the rest was lead by Julmdama as the forerunners rise to the mantle. But after the Didact falls only soldiers remain as cortana dies. This is where everything is killed off and new stuff takes place. The problem at hand is that they haven’t gotten a deep enough plot yet. With infinite all that changes

The Master Chief went AWOL. That’s sufficient enough. Had nobody bothered to go after him he and Blue Team would have been captured by Cortana. You just didn’t pay attention and let fanboyism get in the way of thinking.

1 All the chase on Meridian didn’t do any good, Blue team got away anyway
2 Eleven coloni were devasted by Guardians wakening, so I don’t think Lasky and Osiris would stay in the Infinity and do nothing just because they didn’t know blue team was on Genisys.
3 Their mission wasn’t only to save bleu team but also to stop Cortana
4 I said that tell a story about Osiris chasing blue team wasn’t interesting, I didn’t speak about the logical of the events, because, of course, if they had tell another story, the events would been totally different

i agree with you on a lot of what you said.
The Story of Halo 4 and the promethians could have been much better, but unfortunately its way too late now to be able to fix this storyline and i dont think 343 developers are even looking in the forums for feedback at all.

You should look up the cut dialogue of Halo 4. Somebody loaded this up on YouTube and it’s like 45 minutes of stuff. Loads of interesting stuff there and it’s a shame they didn’t keep it in. I am amazed I missed this for so long.

There’s a lot more suggestions of Cortana coming back evil. She mentions about how “we’re not devices”, a discussion about how she can turn the Didacts weapons against him, talking about how she’s going to be replaced and is disposable by the UNSC. Mentioning that the Prometheans are digital beings and no less alive for that. Which is why they aren’t just robots, it’s because a comparison is being made between Cortana and them. I mean, they’re robot bees/ants, wouldn’t they have a Queen?

The Didact also shows a lot more interest in Cortana. He discusses how “her architecture exceeds even the creations of the Composer” “perhaps humanity is more advanced than I assumed”. So I suspect the original plan was he would have had a hand in turning her into a Forerunner AI and assuming he could control her like the Prometheans.

But yeah, I think Halo 4 was a conscious fake out at the outset and they fully intended to bring her back one way or another. Even the base game has these themes in just drastically trimmed down.

It’s not impossible they’re doing that with Halo Infinite. We don’t yet have confirmation outside of Zeta Halo. Time machine or not.:wink: For all we know the Cortana we saw die was just A Cortana split of from her to control Zeta Halo; whilst she’s still chilling in the Domain.

I also think the original plan in Halo 4 was to make Cortana controled by the Didact, it would have been well more interessant.

I don’t think they will make Cortana survive one more time, players are tired of that. Maybe she will reappear in books with a little luck and get a better end

I know, I know, but it’s very odd to begin a game with “she’s dead” and “you failed”. To the point where even though that’s in the trailer from few months back everybody thought that was a fake out.

Also it’s not a normal situation because they’ve given you a clone who has the same mannerisms and character; just not the memories. So you kind of have got Cortana back anyway and a second chance.

Plus we technically don’t see her die.

That’s before you even consider shenanigans like how she can split into multiple instances and they can recombine. Quite a few metaphors about the ring being broken and reforming; I don’t think they’re just talking about Zeta Halo.

Also, if this is an entry point into the series, they sure do dedicate a lot of time reminding you who Cortana was, how important she was to the story and Chief. That’s a lot for a character we’re supposedly done with in an ongoing story.

I think if the Chief proactively chooses to bring her back and has to go through some kind of challenge or conflcit. That would be a different matter than a fake out.

There are fifty way to bring her back, but I have the feeling than 343 just want to end her story. The future will tell us

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