343 better give us a date for the BR jamming fix this is pathetic

This game is unplayable, I’m sick of it.

At this point is incredibly pathetic that they can’t even give us a date for the BR jamming glitch.

Why do you need to bundle it up with a bunch of inconsequential campaign fixes?

Send it as a hotfix, you can’t be this lazy and disconnected to Halo fans.


About half of us all agree.

Could say the same about desync.

Its probably not finished, it took them 6 years to produce this game.

I think the last time they tried to fix desync and ranked rank distribution in the middle of a season, they failed miserably.

Come back in 6 months and see if the game is playable, until then go play MCC or literally any game that runs better than this.

They released the game and then went on a 3 to 4 week Christmas break all the while BTB didn’t work. Please don’t expect the weapon jamming fix to arrive any time soon.

They don’t seem bothered by bugs.

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They’re targeting this week to release the patch:


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