343 be like we added team sniper

Oh yeah we got team snipers sikeeeee
All u get is skewer and stalker rifle … dude how can u keep messing basic stuff off ??? Just give us sniper , shotty sniper and shock rifle thats it … is not hard

People quit the games u start with skewer and stalker rifle cuz all we want is sniper! Even the name off the playlist has sniper on it and is the least game type u actually get … really whats mext team double but u end up 1v2 … 90% off the games??? Please fix the playlist atleast … cuz we all know ur game will no get better until season 10. Just fix this


Don’t know about the Stalker Rifle… but you are missing out on the Skewer.

It’s awesome fun in Snipers. The slow reload really changes the pacing of the game.

Yea that’s well n good n all but the skewer isn’t a sniper rifle…so it’s gets really annoying when you want to play team snipes and your forced to play with everything that isn’t a sniper rifle…. A better place for that game mode would be somewhere like action sack


From what I’ve seen the issue comes down to the mangler being in the mode combined with how the skewer is innacurate if the game has dysync(idk if they fixed this issue or not so I’m assuming its still a issue) like the concept behind it makes sense just remove the mangler and fix the dysync issue and boom perfect sniper substitute

Now for the stalker rifle game mode i don’t get how they thought that was a great idea like i get it they categorized it as a sniper but it doesn’t shoot or feel like a sniper heck the shock rifle feels more like a sniper as that can one shot people if you get a headshot

Also on an unrelated note looks like i made the right call to stop playing until a majority of the content from previous halos arrives


I was going to try the Snipers playlist but after seeing all the feedback i’m going to have to say nope. Season 10 for a fix sounds about right but desync alone probably wont get fixed until season 42. And that is a big maybe.


Just do what i do look at videos and stuff to see how they added something whacky and unexpected to something that would be a easy win

Gotta appeal to the wider audience right guys?

all well and good until you realize the mangler is the secondary and then there’s 0 point the the skewer


Sounds awesome to me. I’m in

Didn’t think 343 could do anymore stupid things :joy: :joy: You can’t put anything past them!! What a joke


Quoted for necessity of IMMEDIATE implementation!


The answer is simple.
They don’t play the game themselves.
Therefore, they make choices like that.


It’s like like making the game worse is an amusing challenge to them at this point.


I’ve been playing Team Snipers lately and most of these game types really don’t belong in a snipers playlist lol like Skewers and Manglers or Stalker Rifles and Pulse Carbines. Game types like those should be in Action Sack or Custom Games.

Where is just the normal Team Snipers where you only have a Sniper Rifle? Then put Shock Rifles/Stalkers around the map, maybe with Skewer as a Power Weapon spawn. Take grenades off. Take OS and Camo off. Turn Radar off. This is a normal game type that has happened in Halo for years… why is Team Snipers suddenly becoming a mystery to 343 now?

Shotty Snipes also feels more like a shotgun match in most close quarters maps due to the Bulldog’s rapid fire. I shoot players once with the sniper and switch to the shotty to clean them up.

And why in the hell is the Sniper glint a bright flashlight that is constantly piercing your screen? Why can’t it twinkle or flash a few times?

On a side note, I think Snipers and Heatwaves would be a pretty sick gametype.

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Yeah I have no clue on why they insist on give us all this crap we aren’t asking for then ignore the stuff we are asking for. Makes 0 sense to me. There are already tons of people that have quit play and the community is constantly thinning out.

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You prefer the Shock Rifle to the Stalker or Skewer?
Shock Rifle is the worst feeling weapon in the game imo, even when you get kills with it it’s unsatisfying

I’m the opposite the skewer feels unsatisfying to me like even when u get a kill with it i always feel like it was a lucky shot due to how innacurate it is with dysync