343 banning randomly?

So 343 is banning people randomly nowadays? Or do you get a ban for posting in the ingame chat the words server, sucks and balls (which got both censured anyway)?

Cmon guys, this is getting ridiculous.

Oh and a pro tip on design and psychology: if you want people to not doing something and punishing them for it… tell them what it is they are not suppos to do.

And no, I didn’t quit. Check my stats on halo tracker. I even set 12 minutes in a 4:1 for 1 CSR… running around, looking for 1 guy. How much fun it was…

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How long is the ban?

12 minutes. completely out of the blue. 1 rage quit two or three hours ago…

just not gonna use the crappy ingame chat then :slight_smile:

343 destroying another social experience in infinite. classy…


I was talking about possible cheating on the discord. A mod shifts the blame to me because i called the suspect a noob in the in game chat.

So yeah.


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means? you got banned for calling someone a noob?

Dunno what it is that did you in, but quitting 11% of your games isn’t going to help your case bud.


Ok, now it’s getting hilarious. Just quit a 1:4 because 343 is apparently not able to code a sinple if loop (don’t start a game with uneven numbers)

and guess what: 1 hour ban.

You know what? I don’t even care about it anymore. If that’s how you wanna treat your fanbase. fine. If that’s the quality if coding you think is enough? Fine.

Just be assured that right now, you are the freaking joke of the industry. And stuff like this just proves it even more.

Again, feel free to check my game history.

And herrs the clip of the last game I played today. :slight_smile:


you have a system in place which punishes people for leaving a 1:4. For not wanting to sit 12 minutes around. 6 years of development. And that is what you deliver. Astonishing

But let me guess. To fix this, you would need more data… maybe code a whole telemetry system to see if the last player REALLY isn’t taking away the fun of anybody else. Or you write a blogpost on how this is so well thought through but I just don’t understand it…


Maybe it would help if you simply stopped playing the game?

There are other games out there. You have to be playing this one all the time.


So? Any records if I quit on it first? Any records how many disconnects?

Doesn’t matter in the current context of the game’s rules whether you/I disagree with the unfairness of that situation or not.

130 disconnects in total out of 1192 games


Maybe you’ll get the point when reading it one more time. :slight_smile:


Gotta agree with @l_HyperLethal_l on this one, sorry my guy

Don’t sweat those two. You have more than double their matches combined.

They are still considered greenhorns in terms of their playtime. Better to gather feedback from people who actually play the game that this forum is dedicated to.


Excuse me? This situation isn’t matter of skill. He got banned for something. The thing he really needs to do is head to support like he’s supposed to and get answers there.

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When did I bring up your skill? Just pointing our your time put into the game.

Very easy to write off other’s frustrations for something you have only dabbled in.

Time/skill doesn’t matter. I’ve received bans, too. In both H5 and Halo Infinite.

Nobody asked for your opinion.

Really? The support who bans people for werks without telling them? „Because they don’t go into details…“

You know, I’m totally aware of tgat 343 abandoned this forum long time ago. That the absolutely don’t care about tgeir fanbase… and that my posting here won’t change a thing.

I’m invested in this franchise for 20 years, I actually care about it because it is the last arena shooter out there… and they kinda nailed the gameplay this time. So coming here and letting if some steam about their poor decision is still a thing for me. ;D

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It’s almost as if we are in an online forum.

4 DNF finishes in Infinite. I’m sure you’ve been banned plenty.

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Splitgate isn’t an arena shooter?

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It doesn’t matter where we are. You’re being rude. Quit it.

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