343: at least put out concept art please

Recently 343 members have said that there will be a high level update on Infinite, in a few weeks, but didn’t specify as to when. Then in the latest community update yesterday, they said that they’ll show us an update on the game when it’s ready. Imo they’re being extremely vague and dodgy again, which doesn’t look the best. This games reputation isn’t very good right now; it got mixed responses during the gameplay reveal, the armor coating reveal was lambasted, and the announcement that Chris Lee is leaving makes things look even worse, and yet 343 pretty much stays dead silent. This is honestly not looking good for them or the game. If they’re not ready to show the game yet, touched up graphics and everything, I understand, show us stuff when it’s all good to go, we don’t need another July reveal. I do think 343 should put stuff out in the meantime, doesn’t have to be screenshots or trailers, don’t do that until the game is presentable. Instead, I think it’d be a good idea if they put out a piece of concept art like every month or so. I honestly think the community would appreciate this, as it could hold us over for a little bit, and there wouldn’t be this terrible drought. I think 343 can’t continue to behave this way if they want the game to be anticipated, they need to show ANYTHING. What’d you think?

As nice as this would be, I don’t see it happening. A book containing Halo Infinite’s concept art was originally supposed to release next month, but it got pushed back to June 2021 (likely due to containing spoilers for the game’s campaign). Chances are 343 isn’t going to release anything new in that department.

Remember the good ol’ days when we would get little glimpses throughout the development process? Whether it was concept art, weapon/vehicle models, audio clips, etc.? That is what builds excitement, not whatever you call this. This only feeds my fears that 343 has overstated their position and showing us anything would show us all how far behind they really are.

I think they’re just dropping the ball on purpose at this point. What they say and do are two different thinks. They said they’d also be more transparent but they just doubled down on how vague their messaging is. You know it’s bad when they need to vaguely announce an update about a possibly upcoming update.