⚠️ 343 as the target of criticism: keep going

343 still has a great chance to turn Infinite around and make it an amazing game.

While the core of the game is solid, its critiques are warranted and deserved, namely: 1.) lack of content 2.) predatory monetization

Lets take a moment to congratulate ourselves. Due to the pressure of YOUR consumer pushback, 343 has already cut the prices in the shop roughly by HALF of what they were. This is a great victory. Keep pushing them here: they are RECIEVING your message. Feel proud

The lack of content is the games most glaring issue right now. The cosmetic options and events are numerous, but supplementary to the overall core experience. The game NEEDS more core content.

All of my friends who dipped from Halo after the bungie era really do like Halo Infinite. They hated 4 and 5. They remained engaged but fell off Infinite due to lack of content. This is currently being voiced by PRO players as well. 343 is feeling our pressure.

Keep it up. Stay respectful. We are getting what we want :slight_smile:


Honestly, if we don’t see a complete revamp of the game in season 2 then Halo is probably done.


I agree. I think waiting 6 months for Season 2 is too slow.

But at least there will be earnable credits AND there will be new maps. I mean, there HAS to be new maps or they are committing business suicide.

Other note: I wonder what the theme of Season 2 will be?


They just need more content and to work on network issues like desync. It they get on a good schedule for content rollout while working on these issues, the game will be fine. Problem is that 343 seems to work too slowly for a live service model. Maybe bringing in a support studio would help.


ehhhhhh I’d say about 50-50


Paying for more content


Im a glass half full kind of guy but it might be better to treat them like they are a glass half empty

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I’d put it closer to 15%, I just don’t see them delivering enough to redeem the game in this calendar year :frowning:


I think its literally impossible for this company to create content at a pace that would would qualify as a bare minimum standard of live service. So far ‘live service’ is selling as gutted standard content. Whooo. Thats so good for the player. Bless us with the opportunity to buy more things from you.


the theme was actually "we made up more crappy lore to inexplicably give you another armor core…

… so that you can pay for more content."


lol I think we all ought to start tempering our expectations more.

No co-op coming with the launch of season 2, confirmed tonight by Staten.

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You are more optimistic than I am. I’d say 20% yes 80% no.

With that said, I think Halo can be great, but it will be whatever comes after Infinite. I think Infinite missed its window.


The main take away from tonight’s article for me is the bit about mis managing their life/ work ratios.

Like they had / have no idea what the decision to move from a full release title to a “live service” would entail.

And the fact that after 6 months they still need to push back some content and are only able to provide concept art of “2 new maps” really is a bit a joke….

They made the decision to go live service.
But their inability to do that is literally what’s stopping the game from
Being Alive….




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Probably what the team at Anthem thought too.

Okay Infinite is not that bad, but I’m so sick of the “just push it out there and we’ll fix it eventually” mindset of game devs.


They got too comfy with MCCs approach

MCC did eventually turn around but was a colossal failure at first. They think they can apply this same dynamic to infinite. NOT SO. MCC was tolerable because most of those Halo games were still accessible but infinite is new.

I understand burnout sucks, and yet, it seems to have become an industry excuse:

Its NOT like Halo Infinite is new. Mechanically, structurally it is the most “safe” Halo. All the Reach, 4, 5 mechanics were gutted. Equipment is old. What is so different that makes this development cycle such a challenge to them?


Translation is that MS/343 cheaped out by hiring contract workers and the permanent 343 devs now have to deal with the garbage code that those contract workers wrote. Since they’ve basically been in crunch mode I doubt they were writing automated tests for their code. As a result we get the regressions like the BTB fiasco.

Adding to that, there was a mass exodus of employees from 343i. They have tons of open job listings right now. They’re short staffed.


I think what 343 and MS failed to learn from the MCC 2019 revamp was simply:

MCC was NOT a F2P game OR a live service, it was just providing FAN service, and that’s it.

MCC put the fans first. Infinite COULD have also put the fans first, if it wasn’t a live service F2P PoT (pile of trash). There’s no such thing as “Fan Prioritization” in F2P live service titles, it’s all about how scummy the devs can make their tactics to milk the players wallet while delivering an incredibly sub-par game, which Halo Infinite most definitely is.

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If we put aside all the failures to date. There is still a glaring problem that is going to plague this game moving forward.
Giving us an update this late and then just blatantly stating that they are going to further delay core parts of the game, but god forbid they push back the seasoned cosmetics or “battle pass”. (Is there actually anything else coming in season 2).

If they were trying to hide the fact that the only thing that got the development time needed was the store. They aren’t hiding it well.