343 are you joking me, last spartan standing is bugged

Just finished a match and it says you can quit out, so i quit out

One of my event challenges is missing and I’m still at 0 of 10 for the event, now it’s impossible to finish the interference event, also the xp i would of got for doing the challenges and completion xp doesn’t count, a simple press be to return to lobby would of solved this now you screwed over players by saying it’s ok to quit out and not give the rewards

Jesus i already hate last spartan standing now i despise it, as soon as this event is done I’m never playing this game mode

It counts challenges progress when the game officially ends so it will count. It just hasn’t while the game is in progress, keep playing. Take a break, it will count.

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Ya found out you have to fully close the game to see the progress which is still a bug not a game breaking bug as i thought but still annoying

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Imo the challenge system isn’t fit for purpose in this gamemode. Sure in theory progress counts eventually but what does that mean for active challenges? Do they change mid-match if your previous game ended in that time? If so from what time does challenge progression count?

Until people do testing these questions are all unknowns. In general though, a gamemode that can be safely quitted out of only really works either with a challenge system which is updated immediately (So that you know what challenges are active next time you start a match), or with a world of tanks style system where there aren’t challenges you just get an amount of xp / currency when the match ends for the remaining players.

The current system is non-functional and it is bad game design.

They are working on fixing it.