343 are disappointing

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in other words not doing a single thing. Actively investigating is a term parties use to make you think’ they are doing everything they can to fix a problem, when I fact they are just swindling you with words. The correct term would be actively looking for a solution. & judging by the amount of time servers and accounts have been down, they have either failed at solving this issue…or are sleeping on this because it’s working in their best interest. Let’s be real if Reach went down 2 years ago before this PC announcement it would’ve been fixed by now. It’s getting beyond a joke, I’m sick of commenting…But if I don’t then these things simply won’t be voiced. Snickerdoodle Wrote on behalf of 343, “We Hear ya!” But why now turn a deft ear. Let us know what’s going on, I think 2 weeks is enough time to gage what this problem is and give us an update. People love Reach (XBOX) Reach & dont want to lose their hard work and dedication. Give us a update, & MOD i’m Not posting this on that bloody 343 thread because it simply doesn’t get feedback.

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This has actually been going on since last September, far more than the two weeks you mentioned. 343 was commenting on an older thread about the servers but stopped back in february(if you scroll down far enough there should be two more threads that start with [343 response] so you can give them a read-through if you like.

This thread will will probably be locked but I’m with you - I strongly doubt they’re trying to fix the servers. If they were they’d be more vocal about it to assuage our concerns and assure us that the servers will once again function properly at some point.