343 appreciation post! Thank you all!

I’m gonna start this off by saying thank you to the entire team for your incredible effort, blood sweat and tears you have put into the Halo spartan Saga for nearly 10 years.

It took me a long time to come around and appreciate a new team at the helm of Halo, but your relentless time and effort into Halo: Master chief collection proved to me that your team love Halo just as much we do.
I’ve been apart of the Halo MCC and Infinite flights for many years now and I feel extremely grateful to be apart of the feedback for that game collection as well as each and every tech preview/flight for Halo Infinite.

When I loaded up that Multiplayer for the first time and heard my shields recharge it literally gave me goose bumps and chills. I am very much a fanboy (if that wasn’t too hard to tell) :sweat_smile:. I’ve been playing since I was just 11 years old back in 2001 with my little brother. We both got Halo and original Xbox for Christmas and from that very day onwards Halo has been a huge part of my life.

The pizza and soda at Lan parties, the trash talk, those single random Halo players you made friends with online while trying to capture a flag, The midnight launches, the flights and previews, the beta’s, Steve Downes even sent me a birthday cameo last year!


It’s been one hell of a ride to get to this point and now 20 years later when I’m now 30 a wave of emotions have hit me all at once… I’m as hyped for tomorrows global launch as I was when I was when I was 11 on Christmas or on all those midnight launches, so very long ago…

I get to play Halo Infinite and become the Master Chief
One. Last. Time…

Thank you 343 for everything!
I’ll see you on the last pelican out… :metal: