343 and VG hatein on Australia/NZ

ikd wth VG was doing on this comp you started cutting aussie scores neer the end there hell one full day did not ever register for half of the aussies competeing on my friends list you cut 40k points off mistics score i saw the leaderboards i wish id have screen capped
and search times trippled sometimes even to half hour to find a game (ikd if that was every one but i do know all the aussies and kiwis got it ) why bother with a comp like this if your not gonna run it legit ffs i had no chance thats fine but you take us for fools but we smell your Bolt Shot a mile away 343 you claim to be halo fans to care about the halo community then ffs listen to it im beggin you mother F****** B******* pull your thumb out and give us something befor H5 is scrapped completely its hovering over your heads even if you dont see it yet