343, about the achievements...

So I been trying to complete some achievements for Halo 4 when I notice something annoying. The majority of achievements are DLC, and this is something I don’t want to see with Halo 5. MCC is only 4 months away which comes with the DLC, so I have little desire to pay for all of the DLCs

Even if I did, having achievements related to DLC I never downloaded is frustrating when trying to finish the game. If we can’t have the majority of achievements be non-DLC related, then why not just include the achievements with DLC ?

Anyone else agree?

Doesn’t help when some of those dlc achievements are glitched and currently unobtainable. 343 better clean up their achievement act by MMC

I think a simple solution would be to make the achievements non-map specific, like some of the early Reach DLC achievements.

I would agree. I have obtained every single Halo achievement in the past games on 360: CEA, 3, ODST, Reach. In Halo 4, the DLC achievements are nearly impossible to get and are way too map specific. It makes the completion-ist in me rage so much.