343 Abandon Halo

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Before I start, I’m not looking for helpful tips on how to make my experience better. If you comment, please just say wether you agree or disagree.
I’ve been playing halo for years, ever since bungee had been making the games. When halo 4 came out, I was sceptical. But though the campaign wasn’t as good of a story as previous games, the gameplay, and the overall game was great. I loved how the covenant vehicles had the same structure as from reach. It made it feel like 343 was really trying to bring back some nostalgia for the older players. The armor customization went all out. You had so much freedom to choose how you looked. Even acquiring the armor was great. You didn’t have to feel like you had to save up to buy certain armor, as you got it with each rank. The introduction with load outs have you a choice as how YOU wanted to play on the battlefield, and how you liked to fight. A good amount of Halo 4’s game play was brought back to life from Reach.
But then came halo 5 (many of you probably knew where I was going). Halo 5 sucked starting from the campaign; you know, that little thing that makes people want to buy the game in the first place. The campaign featured spartan Locke as pretty much the main character, as there were only THREE missions where you played as the legendary master chief. This really pissed me off. Halo 2 was another game where you could play as two characters in one game, but they balanced it out. You were also not followed around all the time by you condescending partners in your fireteam.
Asside from the story line, everything else still sucked. The weapons are completely different, and they just suck. The mechanics of long range weapons are horrible, and it’s almost impossible to do any damage to anything. All the weapons do crap damage in the first place. Plus, the sights completely abandon the classic look, and the right stick zoom. That was a staple in the series, and is one of the big things that made people like the game so much, because it was unique; no other gaming series’ did this.
And don’t even get me started on spartan customization. You have absolutely not freedom whatsoever! They have introduced req packs (which are obviously a copy off battle packs from battle field). Now, req packs aren’t all bad. They are kind of fun to open and see what you collected. You can even save up your points to buy some new armor. Wait, WHAT! YOU HAVE TO RANDOMLY FIND THAT IN REQ PACKS?! What the fk! So 1) you just have useless req points sitting there. 2) you have no freedom to customize your spartan. You can’t even fully change his armor once you magically find something. You can only change the helmet, and torso! The entire thing is just BS, with the reqs and the armor. Oh, did I mention you can’t choose how to fight any more. Load outs were not brought back into 5. No more fun for you!
One of the only things that was nice is clamber. And that is a minor detail. The forge however, is great. But it’s the only time you have freedom to do anything in the game.
I know most of what I have said has already been said a bunch of times, and if you’re still reading, good for you! But 343 really f
ked it on halo 5. It’s just overall a crappy game. They have responded to the lowest group of people (10 year olds) and made a price of garbage. If they don’t change halo 6, I don’t know if I can continue supporting the halo franchise. I would love to see many changes in the game, but if they keep this up, no one will see them any time soon. I would also love a Halo Reach anniversary, but we’ve still got 2 more years to go.
Please tell me if you agree, or not, and provide some feed back. But don’t be a di*k.
No one likes -Yoinks!-, they’re over priced. Thank you all for reading.

“343, taking everything good and shoving it up your as*.”