343, a MESSAGE from the creative community.

Dear 343,
we am writing to you, not to hate, but to make sure our unsung part of the halo community gets heard and not left out in the big decisions. Mostly our little group has been rather quiet because overall, for us, Halo: Reach was a general success; with forge world and Forge 2.0, there has really been nothing to complain about. However, there are some pressing issues that need to be raised and thought about. 343, you care about your community more than any other franchise. If you didn’t, TSL and green’s machines wouldn’t be front line news on waypoint.

To start, let’s focus on the positives. Halo reach was a great success as far as creativity goes, Forge world giving our little group the freedom that we always hoped for, with ‘tricks’ becoming features, creativity hit a whole new level; as maps like abridged and leviathan took matchmaking with stockpile skeeball and speed halo taking custom games to a whole new level, really making reach a ‘community’ game than anything else. Reach was a people’s game, not many took this seriously, leading to all those hater threads we all hate.

Noble map pack was no different. To all those who say “DLC in Reach is worthless and a waste of money”, we reply, “Tempest”. That map was essentially mini forge world: with a full pallet and a rather large space to forge with, race tracks and the such are things me and my creative friends loved to forge and play on. Breakpoint was no sellout either, with the movie making portion of our little community making fantastic machinimas, such as ‘The unsociables’ and ‘Frostbite’ making front headlines.

Skip defiant, as it was a multiplayer focused DLC, and move to anniversary. The latest DLC for reach, it gave us 2.3 times more than what we would normally get, for only 400 more Microsoft points, it’s like a little less than half off. All with full pallets, and Solitary’s secret room, it was a grant success. For your 2nd DLC, I, and the rest of our community, thank you for what you’ve done. An excellent start to the series 343.

Now for that bad part. The main problem the creative community has is when we run into soft kill boundaries in forge. They are the the no.1 hit-list for us and the perfection of creativity on console. Please, Get rid of them in forge. We’ve all been there, when you are trying to put something into place and damn kill boundary starts counting down. Bungie did fine with soft walls in halo 1/2/3/ODST, why they put them in, and you didn’t take them out, bug us very much. I see the point of them, stopping people getting out in multiplayer, but for the benefit of the creative community, please, do this for us:

We see the point in them, but in forge they are nothing but a pain in the backside.Make it optional to take them out. The’re unnecessary and useless, waste of time, people like glitching out in forge, you should promote that, not crack down on it. Another ‘not so bad because is getting attention but still a problem’ is forward planning gliching out and putting stuff in. For example, in cold storage, that little flood place in it, would of been a nice secrete room to go in, but bungie sealed it off. You, on the other hand, seem to be forward planning such things, such as in solitary, with the GRD doll aswell. Plase, the creative community cries: More of this. It shows that you do care, and that as ex-members, you have an insight into please everybody and being fair. it’s very nice to see that and we thank you very much for it.

Well, i guess that concludes our letter then. I hope that you share our views as such and it gets addressed, we don’t see how this will have a negative impact on anyone as this letter as been thought through thorough. Thank you for listening.

actually you can get into that little room in cold storage. forge mode + properly placed turret = getting through the window

but yeah, let’s not have those annoying boundaries in customs at least…i miss being able to get outside/under/above maps in halo 2…good times ;_;

Not really a part of this community, but i enjoy your maps in customs and when they make it to matchmaking, so i support your ideas.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

thanks for all the input, really appreciate it.

Dont worry, if its anything like a star trek holodeck, it will be awesome!