33/5000 frozen black loading screen

Help, I have this problem since halo 3 came out.
I was playing a campaign game and at the end of a mission the loading screen froze for 10 minutes or more, I closed the game with alt + f4 and started it again
But to my surprise, after the microsoft and 343 industries logo appeared, the black loading screen with the halo logo appeared, but from there it does not happen, I let it load more than 30 minutes and it simply does not load, no audio is heard In addition to the fact that the cursor is not the game’s cursor, it is the normal windows cursor.
I already uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and I can’t start it, please help that I have purchased the halo reach and I don’t want to lose it.
It should be noted that the game is from the windows 10 store, not steam
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quiero jugar halo