31 Levels to Go

31 Levels of the Battlepass to go.

Once I’ve finished the grind and got the achievement, it’s on to other games.

343i, you delivered a bad (REALLY bad) product. You deserve the feedback, and you don’t deserve to take a break.

Clearly, you’ve enjoyed too many breaks if this is all you have to offer at launch.


Genuine question here. If you think the game is so bad, why finish the battle pass? I’m not trying to be disingenuous by the way, just really curious as to the why.


To add to the question, I wonder if you’ll come back for the latest steps of Tenrai and other Events even after you complete the 31 Levels.

I don’t ask out of malice either, I’m just curious if there is still nonetheless something you see that is enjoyable about the game that I hope will become much better after some time and tweaks and content.

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Wtf are you still doing playing the game you insufferable turd? Just leave lol


If you’re only playing for cosmetics, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m already 100 for about a week and I’m still enjoying the game. Cause it’s fun.


I’m an achievement completionist, and there’s an achievement for completing a battle pass.


Zero interest in cosmetics. Just grinding to get the ‘complete a battle pass’ achievement.

Grinding to get the ‘complete a battle pass’ achievement.

Well my next question to ask if that means you’ll come back once the MEDIC achievement is available.

Also lucky you getting the Party Bus cause I haven’t gotten it yet, haha. Not that I’ve really been trying.

I do enjoy seeing my characters level up in games, but I wouldn’t continue if I actively hated the game, as the OP is stating :sweat_smile:

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More likely than not, but I’m not certain.

Normally, I’d grind to get the LASO and speedrun achievements like I have in other Halo titles, but I can’t bring myself to play this awful campaign again (and I have grinded some seriously awful achievements in the past!).

I just find Infinite THAT bad.


No offence but we are better off without you.

I hope you find a game to grind that does give you joy.

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Funny because this is actually the first Halo game where I will willingly try the LASO achievements but that’s due to how much easier I feel this game is compared to the others, even on Legendary :rofl:


You’re probably right. I had a good 20 years on Halo.

Time to find something new.

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The difficulty on Infinite was a joke.

I was ‘John Wicking’ my way through the whole campaign, even intentionally handicapping myself at times just to up the ante.

Eh, other than Halo 2 I don’t think Legendary has ever been a particularly brutal experience in any of the Halos outside of specific sections of some levels. (Although Halo 5 was particularly easy because of the squad system)


Okay gotcha. Thanks for answering by the way. I’ve heard similar feedback from others who also still completed the battle pass and I was just genuinely curious as to the why.

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Agreed. It doesn’t need to be brutal or hard the whole way, but at least offer up those specific sections.

I was able to clear entire sections with no ammunition or grenades (melee and grappleshot only).

Genuinely, if the product was bad you would not even be playing to get to level 100. I have 412118 Gamer score so I can relate with hunting down achievements. personally speaking I have never bothered completing games that I did not find to be entertaining.


Different strokes, I guess.

I’ve grinded to 100% some pretty awful games and tedious achievements.

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